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  • Govinda Govinda Sep 5, 2006 23:43 Flag

    Gallas - A dick with class

    Vlad, indeed I do not think that if he does not take legal action that he is guilty. Legal action might be a wast of time.

    However it would not be a waste of time for him or his PR firm to issue a statement denying all the alligations, not just the threat of scoring an own goal.

    Pijin I agree with you vis-avis the guilt or not. However to me with respect to this issue there is very little that "talking on the field" establishes. Most peolple would agree that Gallas is a great player, that does not make him right. If Ashly Cole playes like a young God for Chelsea, does that make Arsenal wrong in regard to the Cole saga? Unfortunatly there will always be some selfish players who play fantastic football but care little for their clubs. (I am not saying Gallas is one them. I am just saying I will be watching him closely for signs there might be fire, because I see some smoke.)

    I think only time will tell if Arsenal will ever have any trouble with Gallas.

    Finaly I do not believe that this is a ploy by Chelsea to unsettle Gallas so he wont play well for us, I think if anything this will motivate him. I think this might be a misguided effort by Chelsea in trying to achieve something with their fans.

    Again personaly, if they were right or wrong, I would hope Arsenal would not deal with a situation like this. An organisation of stature should never get seduced into communicating like this and on this level.