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  • LEX LEX Sep 15, 2006 23:37 Flag

    non scoring strikers

    Dennis scored quite a few goals all totaly wonderful
    wiltord might not have scored many but very important goals like the one against manure last time we won at old tramshed
    kanu might again not have s cored many but he did link play quite well
    jeffers was a mistake
    reyes did not play well to wards the end i feel outside problems began to tell on the pitch but he did try

    RVP and Abebeyor are both very young and i feel that there have been glipses of whats to come

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    • I've said this a few times, but I'll say it again anyway. Adebayor isn't getting the right kind of service that would see him score goals. He needs quick crosses, both in the air and on the ground, long balls for him to head down to oncoming midfielders. I don't want us to ONLY play this way, but there's nothing wrong with a few long balls, and we tend to score from them because teams don't expect it. I can remember Henry scoring many memorable goals from early balls put over the back four. How many of those balls have we played this season? None. Adebayor would relish those kind of opportunities.

      At a club like Liverpool or Man Utd, where aerial play is a big part a striker like Ade would score 20+ a season.