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  • On who the eight PL clubs still under investigation might be. From a bungs point of view I would be shocked if it was Wenger, but from a tapping up point of view ( which I don't think is part of the scope of the report) it wouldn't surprise me if some of the youngsters being bought in by all clubs these days have been tapped up to some degree ( although as I understand they are not being technicaly tapped up until they have signed their first professional contract after 17)

    As I believe I think the bungs enquiry implicates managers not clubs (a manager takes a bung without the club knowing about it either to buy or to sell a player) although I suppose it could technically also involve the odd chairman or chief exec where they have instructed a manager to buy a player whilst they are getting a kickback.

    Whatever happens any guesses whos invloved and what will happen. My betting is if any of the remaining 39 deals are found to involve bungs it'll be the managers concerned who will be fired form clubs (if they are still there) and censured by the FA rather than the clubs themselves being penalised in any way. People have said Chelsea are involved but I can't believe Mourinio takes a bung as he doesn't need the money and if chelsea have paid extra to agents etc then they are allowed to do so even if the agent concerned then uses some of that money to "assist" the purchase.. it'd be the agent not chelsea who would get censured in that case.

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    • Well first we look at players who we were suprised when they were bought.
      look at some of sooness purchases at both blackburn and newcastle for instance
      think about oddity's
      if thinking how george got his money and the players involved
      you could look at gregory purchases at villa ie bosco babalan.
      what about all the money O'leary spent at leeds did he not buy fowler when he had that bad thigh problem??

      It is very hard to guess but thats the only thing i can think look at transfers that shocked suprised ect because the player would not be percived "good enough" for the club that bought him

      and even though chimbonda turned out to be much better than wigan he was a nobody at the time so was a sweetner offered???

      I just hope to god the arsenal are not involved it can't be wenger as since george dein has handled all the transfers wenger just tells him who he wants

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      • I think generally where bungs are concerned its people who are involved rather than clubs. As you say Dein has been handling all the purchases and sales so one would hope he was clean especially after the GG incident. But you might still find deals of ours that have invloved strange payments. If for instance we badly wanted a player or youth player we could for instance have to have created influence by paying say a the clubs manager to sign off on the sale as well as paying the club. I am not saying there is anything there but we have managed to extract more than our fair share of great and very cheap youngsters from other clubs especially foregin ones. Now if we had done some paying rather than taking I do wonder where that leaves things. Just a thought, I do not for one minute think we have been involved but when you are buying young players with promise one could see the need for some sweetner payments to get the incumbent managers sign off.

    • My guesses would include Portsmouth, Bolton and Chelsea as certs, as for the rest, it's all vey interesting.
      What we must remember is what exactly is meant by 'under investigation.' This could merely mean an allegation with little or no material evidence. Obviously we know about Harry, Sam and Kenyon, but the rest, no idea.

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      • Really hard to tell as it seems to be operating on so many levels.
        I would be amazed if Wenger took a bung as I would be with someone like Beintez or even Mourihno however who knows what scouts and other officials get up to.
        Certainly have not heard anything to sufggest we are involved.
        It is well documented that the FA are interested in Saha (Fulham to Man U) Dunn (Blackburn - Brum) Boumsong (Newcastle / Rangers) as well as 3 Bolton transfers, funny how often that club are mentioned in such things.
        After the Ashley Cole internet rumours and the fallout, I am wary of putting too much of my own speculation on here but for bungs, I would look to managers who were players in England / Scotland in the 70s and 80s when it was rife (some of these no longer managers), I would also look to clubs with family members involved in transfers and managers who have a dodgy rep, usually kn smoke without fire.
        For tapping players, we all know who stands out but I am sure there are others.
        But we just do not know, what is certain is that all sorts going on but not sure this enquiry will offer proof.