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  • nicky nicky Nov 2, 2006 16:05 Flag

    clichy and hoye/eboue

    I think the way we are playing now we definately need the two full backs (whoever they are)to provide another attacking dimension to our forward play.This will get around teams who play three central midfield players in an attempt to nullify cesc,rosicky and hleb....comments welcome

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    • Yes we do, but i also feel we need an out an out striker
      i think RVP should play in hlebs place see how he gets on,
      and then i think adebayor should play up top with henry,
      RVP is getting into good positions but he needs to look around a little more as i feel he can be a little gready or at least it looks that way.
      he also plays very well for holland on the wing and it might help him to be able to look around to find the pass or cross thats needed.

      yes i know that henry scored 2 goals with his head but he is not noted for doing so i think we need to stop the fancy theaing the eye of the needle passes just outside the box and shoot a little more