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  • Govinda Govinda Jul 10, 2007 23:17 Flag

    Gallas's Rallying Call to the stagnant Gunners?

    copied form another post, these words are not mine but thought you might have overlooked them as I did until a few minutes ago.

    begin quote=
    I am french and read that article/interview with Willy Gallas on his page, and I think the press is pulling the proverbial fast one on us again!

    Gallas's tone in the article is not a negative one, he speaks about Henry's departure and how he kinda expected it, and how the squad needs to add a few players and that he is not here at Arsenal to play for 3rd place. And we need players in order to challenge on all fronts this season

    The tone was challenging, but in a good way with a positive tone. He speaks about building on last season and the carling cup run. He also says that he feels this young team in thirsty for victory, and it is time to prove it.

    Once again, I feel that his comments have been taken outta context by the british press.

    Give Gallas a break, I know he can be a whiny guy sometimes, but he is a winner, and a competitor, and I for one, like his challenging follow my lead and win something attitude.

    <=end quote

    does this soften things for you Sameer?

    Maybe he is trying to be a leader?

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    • What AFC is going through is not really a crisis but a period of trying transition. How does it differ from a crisis? Crisis would be when Wenger would leave and the club has no idea where it is heading. Contrary to what others say and believe, I believe AW knows what he is doing. Just buying a star doesnt mean instant success.

      Our lads our stepping up. Their time has come to deliver and i believe AW sees it that way too. Just by splashing out 40 Million £ on the transfer market would be a nice way to declare ones ambition. But that has never been AW's style. Having a background of Economics, he believes in efficacy with efficiency.

      Next year we will be likely taken over by Kroenke or someone else. Even then i cant see AW spending just because he has the money to do so. Liverpool spent 23 Mil on Torres and are ready to give 13.5 Mil for Babel. In Wenger's World that will never happen.

      Gallas might have said things in a positive manner, but still we can do without such news in the press. AFC as a team has to come together. We need to galvanise as a unit with everyone putting his hand up and giving his everything for the team. We need leaders who dont look for faults but who are ready to inspire the young guys to fight till the battle is won.

      Last year we lacked that killer instinct. We couldnt break down stubborn teams. We need a ruthless mentality to get by such teams. And for that we need leaders who egg on their mates and leading by example and not words outside the arena.

      There is no team in this League or in the world where everything is perfect. You get on with the game. You play with the team you have or you leave.

      Cant you see what i am talking about. I am talking having a big heart. And a big heart is not only about fighting but also about accepting your mates as they are and make them play beyond themselves. In our case it would be enough if we played to our potential.

      Belief can make all the difference. That's what separates boys from men and Champions from losers.

    • Perhaps in an odd way Gallas has tried to rally the troops, but it hasn't seemed to work - it is not the way it has been portrayed in the media.
      I don't think Gallas is a leader - he has always been one of those players who will put himself above the team and i think this is another example of that.

      Having said that however, something needs to be done about Arsenal's stagnant lack of ambition. These youngsters are great at gobbing off about their potential but the time is coming when they should do their talking on the pitch and prove themselves right