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  • Readie Readie Jul 31, 2007 01:13 Flag

    Reason Why Wenger Is The Best

    As everyone knows Arsenal are the ONLY club not to have bought the Premiership title. The reason is solely down to Arsene Wenger who has brought in so many good players cheaply and turned them into world-class stars whilst creating a brand of exciting, attacking football never seen on these shores. How Arsenal managed to win any trophies over the last ten years or so given the financial restraints he's worked under is incredible.

    When you compare this to Funguson who in his SEVENTH (count 'em!) year made ManUre champs only by virtue of the fact they were able to outspend everyone else and also Moron who's 'achievements' at Chelski wll forever be overshadowed by Russian roubles and therefore brands them meaningless and you can see the amazing job he has done. If these two managers plus Benitez (who's team is still to win the title) had to work under these restrictions then there is no doubt they would spit the dummy and walk out.

    Arsene Wenger - the greatest!

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    • Although AW is a great coach he is not the greatest yet.

      Football is an ORC world and until he wins the CL and get's back to being a contender in the EPL on a regular basis he is nothing but a coach who fails to deliver but fails with beautifull football.

      Also AW won his titles during a phase when the EPL was more or less a 2 team league. In recent years and this coming year it's more like a 4/5 team league.

      Say what you want about Moureen (I dont like his style of football) but he has done what few managers could have done in his career.