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  • Jerome L Jerome L Sep 17, 2007 19:19 Flag

    Sevillia = First big test of the season

    Well they are the one of the on-form sides in Europe at the moment along with us. It definately looks to be the most interesting match of the first week in the champions league.

    I think we will be able to win the game and the most important would be not to let any goals in.

    Good luck gunners!!

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    • probably best CL game of the day, real madrid-werder bremen seems interesting too.

      sevilla and arsenal are two teams that i watch every week. line-by-line sevilla is stronger in the goal keeping department, as well as in the attacking line. defense wise is a tie, midfield wise arsenal has an edge.

      sevilla plays a more attacking style than arsenal, they dislike horizontal ball movement, at every opportunity they launch a vertical attack, most of the times on the right wing, alves and navas will get the ball in the box, where kanoute/kerzakov/fabiano can do some serious damage.

      in arsenal's favor i see CL experience (this is sevilla's first CL game ever), and the ability to control the tempo in the midfield.

      not a game to be missed, good luck!

    • I disagree completely. Gooners need to start showing some belief in this team!! We're afraid to believe this team can beat any team on any given night because we didn't spend loads of money this summer and because the team is young. This team can beat any given team on any given night!! I expect we'll manage a comfortable victory against Sevilla, then we'll be saying the next big test is whatever team we play next. Start believing mates!! Any, by the way, we don't need TH. He is no longer an Arsenal player and the team has responded admirably with out him.

    • I also think that the Sevilla match is the first big match for us.They play like us and will prove to be a big challange

    • Jerome you have definately hit the nail on the head. We can put aside the rough and tumble of the prem for a real football treat cant wait to see us against a quality team in the CL.I think personally this is where we will miss TH but hopefully we can get at least 4 points over the 2 legs against a team that have scored 4 goals in 2 matches! I suspect we may see Eduardo feature. On a different topic how uncanny is it that Alialidere is sidelined after 5 games the same happened to Pires when he went makes you think?

    • NO, the first big test was Fulham game because it's the first test of steel which the team passed with flying colours. and an early reminder to the team that things could be bumpy at times this season.