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  • NLondonisred NLondonisred Aug 11, 2008 18:36 Flag

    Farewell bid to this circus

    I have been following this board for a few years now but it has slowly but surely become a playground for a handful of ar*eholes who cannot be working or have families to support due to amount of time they spend on this board. In the early days the rubbish was countered with football discussion but that is not the case any more.
    No point listing the names as we all know who they are so the best thing is to go in search of a site where real football issues are discussed Arsenal related ,of course! So have fun all real supporters I am off to join in real "boring" football talk as I really dont give a toss about idiots trying to out spam each other.
    One last thing I believe Arsenal will do at least as well as last year if not better! The loss of Hleb has been addressed and Flamini maybe not. but we will have a fully fit Van Persie and with Eduardo back by Christmas that is like 2 new signings as far as Im concerned . I predict top 2 spot for the gunners

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