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    Wengerisms....Is Wenger Losing It?

    No wind ups, read the evidence and see what you think.....


    A brief Summary....

    'Wengerism: A type of deception in the form of an untruthful statement'

    'Wengerisms' since May....

    1. We lacked something at the back from high balls at set pieces, I will rectify that.

    You haven’t.

    2. I won’t be signing a centre back, you can print that.

    You have.

    3. The most important thing is to keep this squad together, no-one else is leaving, no-one

    They have.

    4. If I buy in new players it will kill the young players.

    Silvestre / Senderos killed…

    5. I will sign 2 to 3 players, the fans won’t be disappointed.

    They are.

    6. I will sign a Flamini replacement before the second leg against Twente.

    You haven’t.

    7. I surprised you all by signing Silvestre.

    You sure did Arsene.

    8. We are good enough to win the ECL and the EPL.

    You are kidding, right?

    Did you stay up last night anticipating some activity? We;re you let down?

    Wengerism... “We are ready to stay up all night if it is needed,”

    “This season it is at midnight on September 1 so you never know. We have still a long time to go."

    You will have no excuses come the end of this season because...

    1. He had the money, despite trying his best to deny it.
    2. He knew about the crocks (RvP, Denilson, Theo, Eduardo, Diaby, Song, JD…etc).
    3. He's had time .
    4. He knew the players were young .
    5. He publicly stated you needed experience.

    Discuss....(I got some p*ssed of texts from my gooner mates last night and this morning, all saying the same thing, so genuinely interested in everyones opinions, apart from Fred and slayers that is...)

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    • And I wish you have an opinion, Shearer. I do not wish to have a debate with lapdogs

    • Derek, do not worry too much. Look out for Diaby- he will have a great season. I believe he is better than both Alonso and Barry. He obviously needs to improve defensively but we will be fine

    • harry l'enfant dö l'enfant dormira bientôt harry l'enfant dö l'enfant dormira bientôt Sep 4, 2008 18:03 Flag


      keep the faith in Wenger, he had no interest in having a bad team. Arsenal will rock!!

    • Fred... let me spell this out one final time for you:

      I have no problem with fans who have a different opinion to mine, or who are 'new'.

      So... you show me where I have disrespected a Gooner with a different opinion to mine. Post the link so we can all see it.

      As I've said... you don't see me laying into the likes of FENIX, or Paul C. My problem with Slayer is that he tells me that I'M NOT a real fan because I dare to criticise.

      If I have a problem with you, it's that you seem to be blind to what Slayer posts as he is 'positive', without commenting on the fact that HE is the one that attacks people who don't share his positivity. THAT IS MY PROBLEM WITH HIM.

    • Derek, you are just as guilty because you(pleural) refer to those who express unwavering support for the manager and the club as not being real fans and not having passion for the club. Surely YOU are struggling to comprehend differences in fans opinions
      personally, I have only ever reacted negatively to direct insults and abuse directed at Wenger by sone so-called 'true fans'

      With reference to Moscow, you go back to your threads and read why the comparison arose. Your logic that Arsenal are the biggest by virtue of being in one of the biggest cities in the world is the point. My point is many clubs share these fans. Moscow has only had about 15 years of open market development while london has had hundreds. So you try to understand what POTENTIAL means before using the word. I have been to Moscow many times and know exactly what I am talking about.

      You are right to be proud of the size of the EPL but this is thanks to fans who were not born in England, never been to England and will never visit this country. Yet you are quick to disrespect these same fans whenever they express opinions that are contrary to yours. But let tell you one fact. There are many countries around the world where the people are more passionate about EPL clubs than those who were 'born near the training ground'

    • Fred... let me make this very simple as you really seem to be struggling:

      1. I have no problem with 'new' fans... I welcome them wholeheartedly EXCEPT THOSE NEW FANS WHO DARE TO TELL ME THAT I'M NOT ONE BECAUSE I DARE TO CRITICISE ONCE IN A WHILE. I've earned the right... and as for rose-tinted glasses, going 18 years without a EPL from '71-89 was not rose-tinted for anybody, as we were lounging in mediocrity.

      2. This Russia analogy is just showing your lack of understanding. Why not then Beijing or Delhi rather than Moscow. Simple... BECAUSE THE EPL IS THE BIGGEST LEAGUE IN THE WORLD BECAUSE ENGLISH FOOTBALL HAS A TRADITION AND GLOBAL INTEREST THAT CAN'T BE MATCHED EVEN BY SPAIN OR ITALY... LET ALONE FUCKING RUSSIA.


    • Derek, why will Russian football not develop to become as big if not bigger than the EPL? You have a very poor knowledge and understanding of that country

      Biggest club in biggest city in the UK,you said. But the UK is a very small country compared to Russia. 14 teams share the london football population. Not as many in Moscow. And Moscow is one of the largest and most populous cities in the world

      YOU TALK HUGE AND POTENTIAL THEN YOU TALK MOSCOW!!!! And it is already happening. Communism held them back for over 70 years and now they are becoming more and more capitalist like the West. Many of their clubs are already very rich and capable of competing for any players. They produce good footballers as well

      You are happy to quote Arsenal as being the 3rd most supported clubs in the World. Do you really think these supporters were born in North London or at all in this country. These are the same 'new supporters' you slag off when it suites you because you 'supported the club in the 70's'.

      We all have supported the club for a long time and invested our emotions and money in her. Just because we have faith in the manager does not devalue our support. It does not mean we do not care. It means we understand and remember the hard times. We also know trophies are important but more important is the future ofthe club and we are lucky to have a manager who is more interested in that than his own short term personal success

      Anybody who dares to be positive about the club here either wears rose-tinted glasses, is not a real fan, or is an idiot. Man, you have to learn to develop and move with the times rather than being stuck in the 70's

    • I wasnt born within a mile of Highbury, and disagree with alot of what Swerve says, but there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that he is passionate about our club and I think I would enjoy sitting in pub arguing with him about everything we could think of that had to do with Arsenal.

      I was only a season ticket holder for thirteen years at Highbury (and have never been to The Emirates except for a tour as I have not lived in the UK since 2001), but also think this "have you ever been to a game?" stuff is nonsense also. You dont have to have been to games to be a true supporter.

      It is in the blood. You are either a true supporter or you arent. Those that are know it instinctively and nothing that anyone else says will change that.

      Some fans insist on supporting and being positive no matter what. I knew guys who had supported the club for fourty years who wouldnt hear a bad word said about GG even in those final, dark days. I also knew fans, passionate, loyal fans, who criticized everything the manager did even when we were winning.

      It takes all kinds. One thing is absolutely certain - to criticize the club is a fans right - and one of the best parts of being a true supporter.

    • i totally agree 100%.If the team not win any medal this year,Wenger need to responsible.

    • You'll get used to him in time.

      And then ignore everything he comes out with generally.

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