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  • The Londoners The Londoners Feb 6, 2009 23:13 Flag

    Is O'Neil Losing The Plot

    He is off again on his high horse. Beligerent, badgering, wild eyed and almost catatonic (as he was when Arsenal went two up against him). Now it's the transfer of Arshavin that's put a bug up his backside. When will he come to realise that he's flogging a dead horse, and not in the same league as Ferguson and Wenger. There's one team every season that gives evryone a surprise, and this season its Aston Villa's turn. Thats as good as it gets for them when your luck is in, and that's precisely the point O'Neil is missing. He really believes he is in the big league!

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    • Yes you would know about yawn moments Chump! Thats of course when your not training with the Marines/Seals!!! Your`e brilliant,you make my day.

    • I was going to put 'hahaha', but in all honesty that was yet another 'YAWN' moment from you barry.


    • It actually p*sses me off a bit because I was going to put a bet on Villa to win the handicap league at 14-1 but held off because I thought Barry was going to Liverpool - god damn!

    • Havent seen O'Neill losing the plot, in fact I just see them getting stronger.

      The form they are in (and they are probably about THE form team in the league at present) there is absolutely no reason why they cant be considered as title challengers. As I said, I just see them getting stronger every week at the moment and not "running out of steam" as everyone thinks!

      3rd place at least is well within their reach!

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      • Syco - I've been saying for weeks that anyone who thinks Villa are just going to drop away is crazy. They are a good solid team with a fantastic manager.

        O'Neill is always going to be good for tantrum or two (or three or four) during a season, that is the type of guy he is. But I guarantee that once he is on training ground that tantrum is forgotten and he is all business.

        He learned his trade from the master - Cloughie. His pedigree is second to none.

    • Hahaha, made a prat off yourself here banana boy!

      Villa ARE going to do it son, start thinking about UEFA cup football next season at the Emirates.

    • personally i think o,niell is doing a damn fine job at villa and think he,s a top manager, hope we finish above villa obviously,but if we dont all credit to villa and o,niell, the fault is all ours, they have played some great football, yeah they may of had some luck but so have we and so do all teams, we,ll see whose the better team come may, long way to go yet!

    • actually i dont blame martin oneil but blame the deluded media/pundits for talking oneils poxy club up as the best thing to happen to the epl recently.

      after the villa game alan shearer and his motd crew said that it would have been a travesty if villa didnt equaliser when arsenal played them few weeks ago.

      to show how misguided these pundits are, the same alan shearer didn't see it that way when arsenal bombarded sunderlands half for almost 90 minutes at the stadium of light and argued that sunderland deserved to get something out of the game despite the fact that arsenal had a perfect crucial 1st goal in the 56 minutes chalked off as the referee adjudged the ball to have crossed the line before walcott crossed it, replays showed it didnt and it should have stood.

      it seems to me that a different yardstick is used by the biased media / pundits to judge arsenals performances.

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      • Is O' Neill losing the plot. Oh yeah, he can't do anything right.

      • You miserable lot are so smug and arrogant, you think no one other than your little "clique" should be top four, well i'm sorry we are gat crashing your little party, ....if you are lucky you'll make the UEFA cup, with Everton in 5th spot. try giving credit where it's due instead of whinging and trying to make excuses about why Villa shouldn't be above you.

      • Yes I agree with a lot of that Lee, but the point I was trying to make was how much O'Neil (with his buddies at the BBC MOTD)
        reacts to referee's and other officials, and how almost indignant he gets when his team is under the cosh, blaming everything on either the officials or the opposition. And it's going to get worse, come March/April. I'm waiting for him to have a pop at Man U or
        L'pool but I dont think he's got the balls for that. He has a go at AW and Arsenal 'cos he knows Wenger wont headbutt him, while Ferguson and a L'pool fan in a dark alley.might.
        Has anyone noticed on MOTD the smug remarks Lineker makes re. Arsenal , and also how Arsenal have been the last game shown for quite a while now.?