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  • The Londoners The Londoners Feb 22, 2009 18:17 Flag

    Short Memories and History Making

    I will agree that we had one of the poorest teams out yesterday as suggested by one poster, but I cannot hold with the suggestion that we have the poorest team in years. Lets not forget who was on the bench yesterday. People tend to forget the bad days when even with the likes of Viera, Thierry, Lunberg, Wiltord, Adams, Dixon, Seaman, Flamini, Pires Overmars, there were times we were not the best team on the planet.
    What we do tend to remember is days like today Feb. 22 2006 (or have you ' real ' Arsenal supporters forgotten already) Real Madrid 0 Arsenal 1 and at the Bernabeu, something no one else had achieved, including our friends in the north, though I rather suspect they woul prefer to forget about that, and the fact that Beckham and Henry embraced at the end and swapped shirts. And for all the Eboue knockers, who was at full back that day? And by the way lets not ever forget 49 nil, and try keeping focused on the fact that we are still unbeaten this year, and thank God we do not have to put out two banks of four across the pitch to get anything out of a game having to rely on the opposition making a mistake. That has never never been our game, and along with AW I'm proud of it.
    Thats all I've got to say about that.

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