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  • LEX LEX Mar 2, 2009 08:43 Flag

    Boo's At The Emirates ! ?

    while i have been an Arsenal fan and held a season ticket for 20 of those years i have seen 6 managers come and go

    and yes i can remember standing as well as eventually sitting on the north bank preying arsenal would not score to early if they were kicking towards the clock end.

    I agree we have been spoilt under Wenger but he must realise that we are now used to winning somthing and some of his kids just do NOT cut the mustard

    £1800 was the cheapest season ticket for this season add in the cost of travel food ect and it must be getting close to £2500 out of you budget to support the team so i think the FAN's that do that have every right to voice their opinion and I do think that the majority of "PLASTICS" will vote with their feet and be gone next year