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    Wenger has got us into top 4 for many years - we do not spend huge amounts of cash cos we haven't go it - we mostly play excellent footie and for any fan wanting him out - we don't need you at our club - get yourselves down to Chelski - I am sure they have spare season tickets for you.

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    • Firstly I didn't say he doesn't play higher up the pitch, I said he doesn't play as a number 10. Fabregas still plays as a central midfielder so can still influence to tempo of the game.

      I have watched virtually every first team game Fabregas has played for Arsenal so I know without looking at the stats that Fabregas is a better and more influential player than he was in 2007-8, he is faster, stronger and more skilful than he was, he has improved his dribbling skills and his link up play is fantastic. In only one season can I remember Fabregas not progressing as a player and that was 08/09. I don't need stats I simply use them to back up my argument. Your argument that Fabregas is less influential has no basis thats why I replied to it, it's fine I've even seen other Arsenal fans berate Fabregas, but if you watch closely the way he plays, dictates the tempo, keeps the ball moving, creates chances.. and then watch games where he isn't playing you will see the difference in our "team" is night and day. Wilshere has done a fantastic job so far, but bar a few stand out performances, notably against Barca he does not dictate the tempo Cesc does.

      Selling Fabregas is a ridiculous when you claim it to be an ideal solution, ideally we would keep our best player and bring in 2-3 new ones, that would be ideal!

      No doubt you will disagree because you don't understand the importance of Cesc to the way this team plays, so lets agree to disagree on this one.

    • For goodness sake, you just have to look at his position on the pitch to see that it's higher than it used to be. He scores more goals perhaps, but has less influence on the game. The last time your midfield dominated a really good midfield was against Milan 3 years ago. Pirlo and Gattuso were still very good then. Flamini was a big loss. He may have done nothing of note at Milan, but you still haven't replaced him. Song is horribly overrated.

      You seem obsessed by stats. That's why I'm guessing you say that last season was his best. Football is a team game, something you seem not to understand. Wilshere is dictating the tempo more than Fabregas these days.

      And with regards to selling Fabregas, why is it ridiculous?! He wants to go and you'd get a huge amount of money for him. You'd be able to buy 2-3 very good players which would improve the *team*.

    • Its irrelevant where he played for France, its for a different team with a different set up, and the player I'm discussing is Fabregas not Nasri

    • v79cenzo i like you to watch the last England vs France game and, come back and tell us which positon nasri played in that game, he destroyed england. Its been known that tactically Wenger is clueless and plays key players in wrong positions.

    • Its not a fact, just your opinion.

      And it wasn't his best season for us, last year was his best season.. that is a fact.

      Perhaps you also forget who played in our midfield in 07-08, I'll remind you, mainly Fabregas, Flamini, Gilberto and some appearances from Denilson and Diaby.
      The reason why Fabregas was successful that season was Flamini provided excellent cover allowing Fabregas to get forward. Thats where he scored his goals and made his assists.

      Secondly Fabregas does not play as a no.10 and never has done. He plays in CM with license to get forward, he still takes more touches than anyone else in our squad and has plenty of time to dictate the tempo. I don't know where the notion that he no longer does that has come from but it's simply not true.

      Anyway your original argument was that ideally we should sell Fabregas and reconstruct the team... that is frankly ridiculous and makes no sense what so ever.

    • Anne and Pixie are classic examples of Wenger fans and not Arsenal fans. Really pathetic, when Wenger says jump they say how high.

    • I agree with you stefan. I respect aw as a coach but sometimes wonder if he is good enough.

    • It's about the team contribution, and the fact is, you would get more out of the *team* with Fabregas deep. He is better there, and he has admitted as such in the past, saying he isn't 'nimble' or 'agile' enough to be a number 10. In 2007-2008, he more than proved that he could score lots of goals and make assists from a deep position while also dictating the play. That remains his best season for you lot. Flamini may have done nothing since he left Arsenal, but he was a crushing loss. You would have won a trophy by now if you had managed to keep him. He was certainly a lot better than the likes of Song who seems to completely lack a brain.

      Arshavin would score a lot more, and feel more involved at 'number 10'. Likewise, Nasri would fare better in a central position, and if you had a proper left winger, you wouldn't pass inside all the time. As a football fan, even though I support United, it's frustrating seeing how much you could improve with some additions and tactical tweaks.

    • you can argue about those two all you like but Nasri is stalling on signing a new contract and Cese looks for all the world like he wants to go

    • I can't really follow the logic behind that argument, he scored more goals and had more assists but was in fact less dominating due to misleading stats.

      Fabregas can play brilliantly from a deep position, he has the speed of thought that few other players possess, but the simple fact is that when played in a more advanced role he became a match winner.. certainly something I would consider to be an advantage to him and the team and not in any way detrimental.

      Nasri has played a few games in that position but actually all of his best games have been from a wide position. His game admittedly looks like it would suit a more central position but there is nothing to suggest he would be better at it than Fabregas... just speculation.

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