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    Football, so no comment from slayer or pixie!

    They don't talk football unless it's making schoolgirl jibes at other teams.

    So here it is again, the news you've all been waiting for ...

    "Arsenal have made their first signing of the summer by finalising a deal for Charlton defender Carl Jenkinson for £9:65p rising to £10:00p depending on appearances.

    Meanwhile Manchester United have signed Phil Jones, who Arsenal wanted but couldn't afford. "

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    • Returning to the original thread of poor Arsenal. That was the case, in years gone by. But unlike Utd who are increasing this year's loses to buy players this summer. Arsenal will be using property profits to finance purphases this summer. So we will still be in profit come the next results and the results after that.

      Arsenal now only owe money on the stadium, all other property debts are paid up. Therefore, all new flat sales go straight into profits, and are available to reinvest in signing players and in becoming debt free. Wenger will therefore be able to spend relatively big, whilst not following other clubs into spiralling debt.

      I think that Arsenal fans will be pleasantly surprised by our purchases this summer, and our opponents rather upset. Time will tell.

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