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    McLintock unimpressed by signings

    "Former Arsenal captain Frank McLintock is unimpressed by their summer signings.

    McLintock believes the club’s transfer policy is poor and although he wants the players to succeed he feels they could be in for a tough season.

    He told talkSPORT: “I’m not impressed with the names, I hope they do very well. I’m not going to be out there looking to criticise, I want to give them all the support I can.

    “I think we got about £70million in transfers from players leaving the club and yet again we seem to be after the second best [players] nearly all of the time. It’s a reaction rather than being already prepared.

    “I can’t understand why, if we’ve got two billionaires on the board, they couldn’t just put in some money, buy three players in preparation so we’re not scrambling around at the last minute. I’m really disappointed."

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    • Search for Arsenal news.
      Read those that have negative headlines.
      Extract the passages that cast Arsenal in the poorest light.
      Post on an Arsenal forum.

      What a sad existence you live.

    • What I find disappointing is that we lose 2 world class midfielders, and we replace them with a 32 year old who hasn't done much for a few years, and a player who is just decent but not that great. Even if we had got just 1 player who is world class or a young player who had the potential to be world class in the future that in my mind would've been better. I fear for us this season I really do.

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      • You all seem to forget Gervinho....He is a more than able to replace Nasri....no doubts about it .
        Nasri did well for 6 months over 3 years with us. You guys only remember these 6 months.
        We bought 2 experienced players to replace Cesc in Benny & Arteta ... As far as I know Liverpool were also on Benny so why would he be bad for us but good for them???? Arteta has always been a good player and will fit in our system no problems.
        The issues we had were in defence (particularly central & left back), this has been adressed now.
        I may sound nuts but I believe our squad is better than year, maybe not the starting 11 but hte squad.
        Remember the players who left wanted out & clearly were not performing to what we expect , at least we have replaced them with players who actually want to play for us and that will have an impact too.

        Look at our squad today : Defence : Sagna - Jenkinson - Djourou - Vermalen - Kos- Mertasacker - Squilacci - Santos - Gibbs
        Midfield : Diaby - Wilshere - Song - Arteta - Frimpong - Ramsey - Rosicky
        Wingers : Benny - Walcott - Gervinho - Arshavin - Chamberain
        Strikers : RVP - Chamack - Park

        That's 24 First team players excluding keepers so should be enough to compete .

      • This is exactly my sentiment too. We have been over years selling very good/world class players and replacing them with lesser quality. We again made a net profit in the transfer market without touching our so called "war chest". Like it or not we have become a selling club. When I look around I wonder who is going to be sold next time round. Van Persie, Wilshere, Vermaelen? We have improved our depth somewhat, but I am not thrilled by all the signings. Time will tell.

    • Wenger has never splashed the cash to achieve his success so why is he being berated for not doing so this time?

      The players he has brought in seem of a good quality to me. Obviously he could have spent a huge amount on one player of 'quality' and guaranteed success Chelski style....

      Maybe Torres?

      That said....if the board are indeed stopping Wenger from signing the players he wants because of the odd million quid than i agree that is bollocks and they should put their hands in their pockets.

    • Frank is sadly wrong we have not got 2 billionaires on the board we have one bilionair who is the yank kronke who is fleecing the club dry like deadwood
      who can he be on the board he has no shares left he sold out like the rest of em to kronke shite

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      • He's not wrong about his assessment of our signings though. is he?
        Sadly over the last 6 years the quality of the squad has deteriorated to such extend that many players can strengthen our squad and although it is great we did get some players in, it can hardly be claimed that we got first rate players in.

        Mertesacker, Benayoun and Arteta and Park and Santos can hardly be described as the best or most promising.

        Some of the other players we have been linked with perhaps (Mata, Gourcuff, Benzema, Eden Hazard, M’Villa, Gomez) but not the ones we brought in. They are a further dilution to our recent history IMO.

        Had we brought in Enrique, Yagielka, Mata, M’Vila, Sneijder and Benzema we would have clearly signaled an intend to make an effort to stay in touch with the establishment now, in my book, we signal our recognition that we blong anywhere from 4-6 in the packing order in the PL.

    • He's entitled to his opinion.................But to be honest..............Mr McLintock was only being 'Frank'!