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  • The Londoners The Londoners Oct 18, 2011 13:41 Flag

    Arsenal and AW - Faith

    He must be doing something right.
    At last, a player with some sense of perspective and loyalty. Vermaellen should be congratulated on his signing a long term contract with one of the only teams left in the PL with any kind pride, and the right approach to the money mad world of some clubs, and may I add, players. I for one sincerely hope that for Arsenal, Fabregas, Adebayor, and Nasri live to regret their prima donna, money grasping attitude, and decision to leave Arsenal and AW the man who made them. After the crunch match against Sunderland(a win or nothing one if ever there was), and Arsenal can put together a good run into Xmas, there will be a few looking over their shoulders I'm sure. Including the 'cockroaches' on here. Eh? Oh yes! and dont bother yourself replying(you know who)because "this message has been ignored" comes up. Sorry to disappoint you, but there you are. You want to fuck with me, you get the treatment. Simple as that. To the genuine fans I cant get enough of them even if I sometimes dont reply to them. At least know you are being read. What time is it in the Colonies? I suppose old Butch Ricketts will be sleeping it off and we can expect more shit from him later....

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