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  • Raider Raider Feb 8, 2012 13:20 Flag

    The Ox playing for England

    There has been a lot of talk about the Ox playing for England and to be honest on merit he should, as there just isn't another English player out there delivering the way he is at the moment.

    You have to love the boy as you can see the enjoyment on his face when he plays, great to watch.

    He has pace, technical ability, finds space, tracks back and is not scared to put a challenge in.

    He is exactly what the country needs despite his inexperience and age.

    But what worries me is the burden we all put on his shoulders and also what happens when he gets injured on international duty.
    I am sick and tired of Arsenal players being crocked and I don't want another season like this one again.

    So I am torn between the Ox playing in the Euros and doing well which he will, or safe guarding the interests of Arsenal.

    He has been a breath of fresh air for Arsenal because he is one of the few out there that looks like he is proud to wear the shirt and works hard to prove it.

    He plays like it's a privilege playing for Arsenal and as supporters we like that, we like that a lot!

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