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  • Ms Comb-Over 2013 Ms Comb-Over 2013 Dec 17, 2012 03:18 Flag

    150 million in the bank...

    "before i showed up and began to rip you a new one"

    You have never ripped ANYONE a 'new one', as you put it.

    You're a figure of fun on here, with some of the biggest cock-ups this board has seen, remember how Phibbers, your local, was next to Holloway Road station, on the corner, with a side entrance?

    Remember the Ebay fun we had with you? The SMALL pink shirt, the GAY jacket and the dickie-bow?

    The reason you insult everyone here, including your own supporters, is because you're SMALL, it's the 'little man syndrome', this is the only place you can stand up and insult people, because they can't get to you.

    I wonder if you would still spout your racist crap to Chris and Derek to the face?

    Of course not!