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  • Govinda Govinda Jan 7, 2013 11:19 Flag

    Buy now or Bye Bye!

    Although I should be used to our poor management of the transfer window, it still frustrates me that clubs with less glaring needs like Chelsea and Liverpool have already done (part of?) their business whilst we seem to do our usual "let's wait until the last minute when it might too late".

    Both Chelsea and Pool have had the benefits of their quick actions, both Ba and Sturridge already contributed with goals for their new clubs. We could have used a Baines or any one from your list. The longer we wait the more chance of our potential targets going elsewhere and the less chance they get to make an impact this season.

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    • Mar

      Are any of these players mentioned above 'Super, super' players? I think not. Then Wenger won't buy any of them. My guess is that noone of any note will come in and Wenger will say no one that he wanted was available!!! As usual Wenger will use the distraction of Theo's contract as an excuse. BTW who was the player who 'headed' the corner into the dangerous area for Swansea's equalizer. Areteta? And where was the marking? I sincerely believe Bould or Brady can get better results than Wenger, at least these days. Why was Ramsey playing? Right off the bat, we are at a disadvantage...

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      • I agree the Wenger is unlikely to bring in someone the fans will really love. I know with our lack of width we could have benefited from Sturridge but he went to Liverpool and scored in his debut. I know with Theo just learning the position and Giroud not much more than a work horse at the moment that we could have done with Ba who was PL tested and scored 2 on his debut for Chelsea. We know with out money there are better players available than Sturridhe and Ba.

        On the list:

        Butland might well be better than the big Pole who has not saved us too often and who seems to have a slow reaction time, but Butland has to be better than Mannone or Flabianski. I would prefere Pepe.

        Baines might be much better than Gibbs and is miles beter than Santos.

        All midfield players M'Vila/Holtby/Isco/Fellaini/Biglia would add depth. I still think if Diaby could have been fit all season we would have done a little better. As it stands only Wenger seems to not realise that Diaby was never going to be available regularly so M'Vila could do a job for us and should have been bought after we let Song go.

        Vila/Lopez/Llorent all would have little problem adding something to our average squad.

        So although most of the players on this list are not special given the weakness and inexperience of our squad, all would add something to our squad.