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  • have a think before u speak john. it was only 1-0 at the time he got the yellow.
    do u really think we are that confident of going through just because we are 1-0 up & still have to go to inter.
    now, if we were 3-0 up & he got a yellow, then your idea would make more sense.

    there's no way he would want bale to get a yellow & miss the 2nd leg whilst we are winning just 1-0.

    it worked out well in the end because we ended up winning 3-0. so id have wanted bale to stay at home for the 2nd leg anyway.

    cringing dive thou. glad the ref spotted it. he spotted their dive too which was good.
    its simple. after a game if there any incidents of diving that went unpunished, a panel review it & give that player a yellow card if found guilty of diving. name & shame them.
    but equally we should rescind yellow cards too. there's been about 3 clear fouls on bale that he has been wrongly booked for diving for. he ended up getting a 1 match suspension for 5 yellows even thou 3 of them were clear fouls & not dives. that cant be right!

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