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  • "I do see, however, that your logic defies logic yet again.
    So we sing songs about City; does that mean I can't associate with relations or friends that support City?"

    lets leave it there then if u are going to make stupid & illogical comparisons.

    u are comparing me saying u shouldn't use certain words, to not being able to associate with other people!

    that's a massive jump! but I guess when u are as stupid as yourself, u cant tell the difference between words and actual humans!

    come back when u learn the difference, & when u realise u made a stupid comparison which is a massive jump from what I said.

    what's your next big stupid jump in comparison? city fans breath oxygen, so does that mean I shouldn't breath oxygen! pathetic to say the least!

    I'll respond to your next post when u admit your mistake in making a huge stupid jump in your ill thought out comparison.

    if u don't admit it, then there's no point in us continuing & I shall not reply.