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  • Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Apr 13, 2013 17:27 Flag

    how lucky is wenger!

    If I were you, I'd look more closer to home rather than trying to blame others for your own team's failure.

    Losing at home against mid-table fodder like Fulham and an away defeat against a poor Liverpool side ruined your chances of top 4 finish this season to be perfectly honest with you. Also, the over-reliance on a single player to always "bale" your team out isn't top 4 standard. Take away Bale out of your team and Spurs are effectively a mid-table side. Levy needs to invest heavily in top class players in order to stand a chance of challenging the likes of City, Arsenal and Chelsea for top 4 places as Bale can't always do it all on his own.

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