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  • Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! May 6, 2013 15:28 Flag

    An interesting article about the plight of the club

    "At this stage, the odds are stacked against us. Everyone knows we need a miracle and if we get one, the sheep will claim it to be Wengers plan all along."

    This is the sort of nonsense I expect from the likes of Myles Palmer (Arsenal News Review), and not from smart#$%$ cookie like you John.

    Just a few weeks ago, we were been told that points on the table is better than games in hand when Spurs were ahead on points and Arsenal had a couple of games in hand on them. To do a complete u-turn and now claim that "the odds are stacked against us. Everyone knows we need a miracle" is taking the pizza to put it mildly, which proves to me that the board's smart alec are losing the plot big-time.

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    • I'm not surprised Rikki took offence at my remarks. Not a pretty sight to watch ones mates being shredded into pieces with cogent arguments.

    • Spurs should get 6 pts from their last three games.
      Chelsea should get 9 pts from their last three games.

      Beating bottom of the table QPR by one goal is dismal. We were so wasteful in front of goal. Knowing we cannot afford to make any mistakes, and must win our last two games
      does not fill me with confidence.

      If you haven't thought for a second that Wilshere wont be targeted for a transfer (especially if we don't finish in the top four) then you are a complete idiot.

    • I'll start worrying about Wilshere leaving in a couple/few years time if things havent improved. He wont be leaving yet certainly not this summer. It just wont happen. Might add that if Wilshere does eventually leave because things at Arsenal have not changed, dont expect Stan to be in control for much longer. If Wilshere leaves because of our lack of effort in the transfer market and competing...you'll have a Liverpool vs Gillet/Hicks situation at arsenal. That would happen!