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  • Govinda Govinda May 6, 2013 13:48 Flag

    Chelsea vs Spurs.

    Yes that's why I said should Spurs win than likely 6 points out our last 2 won't be enough and you can go celebrate.

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    • Chelsea 68pts last games Spurs, Villa, Europa league final and Everton so big games to come.

      Arsenal 67pts last games Wigan, Newcastle both fighting for survival but if Newcastle beat QPR on the 12th then they should be safe and may take their foot off the peddle when playing us.

      Spuds 65pts last games Chelsea, Stoke and Sunderland so Chelsea is the key game but Stoke will rough them up and Sunderland will be going for it too.

      We all think Chelsea beating Spurs would be the best solution to pretty much help Arsenal in to 4th Spot but if they drew then a possible 3rd spot is still up for grabs but also the chance of finishing 5th is still on the table too!

      Whats the best scenario, Chelsea winning or a draw?
      Spuds winning is a total nightmare as one or both teams then need to drop points from their last 2 games.

      Having said all this, if Arsenal don't pick up maximum points then it's all irrelevant!