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  • Radge2def Radge2def May 26, 2013 15:51 Flag

    Sack Wenger & spend money = win trophies

    Start from scratch? We are still in touching distance! Still with growing revenue, still in the top 4, still with Cl footy. All that means is that with a few changes we could challenge again. Depends on the specific changes, As i said...wage structure change to help bring in better quality, the removal of deadwood and Wenger to think out of his box a bit more (thats the hardest one) and we could challenge again. To deny that is tosh.

    We do not have the highest wage bill in the EPL we have the 4th highest. Yes we have too many average players yet we will no doubt get rid of 4/5 this summer, maybe more if we are lucky. By next summer we have a few more who are all out of contract. Come 2015 we would be VERY unlucky to still have ANY of the current deadwood on the pay role.

    As for what appears to be your inability to discuss things in an adult/intellectual way I must ask whether you can actually read? You seem to be able to write yet not read. Mentioned due to the fact that I have made it pretty clear that I do not support Wenger 100%. I have made it clear where I think he has been lacking in recent seasons which all adds up to the idea that I do not think Wenger is the ONLY man for the job. Yet apparently I am a Wenger lacky, a "wenger can do no wrong" gullible moron? Then you brand me arrogant!?
    Have you ever heard of the word Hypocrite? Think you should look it up.

    Finding it hard to believe youre a Gunner. Not because you doubt Wenger (I doubt Wenger and I know many other Arsenal fans who do doubt Wenger) but its hard to believe because you do not seem to have any respect for the guy in the 1st place? Thats not someone who is a Gunner. even the most annoyed Gunners would still show some respect to the guy for what he has achieved and how he has gone about dealing with our stadium build and looking after the club.

    If you cant debate properly nor take into account arguments put from the otherside you're not worth my time.