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  • Baldrick Baldrick Jun 14, 2013 00:33 Flag

    So Butch, and Camp......

    ....You've gotta laugh. Every time Dodge posts something hilarious or true on here, Three Names Butch, comes chiming in with the same old news he's been posting for years. Time to try another approach, like camping it up for us. Lets see now. How about you tell us all about your adventures over the years. How about the tale of 'chinning Lee Bowyer'. Or better still tell us how you became a Special Forces 'Soldier of Fortune' or about Gillian Brown. Or the Well Hung Gun for that matter. Was it the revelations about you, like your daughter in Urunga for instance. Did it really bind you up that much Butch. I think so, and so does Dodge..........As he says.You're a dried up old pie, and shouldn't be talking to kids on here. BTW, Could you reinstate that avatar of you as 'Biker' Butch. That was a classic, when we found out it was an old soak living in Cairns...and of Benefits... and a pathological liar..... Outstanding!!!!!

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