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  • Jacob Jacob Jun 28, 2013 14:30 Flag

    Deliberate Idiots....& Trolls.

    Trolls, like The Denpasar Back Humper Rikki Altree, whole dole out abuse online, aren't acting out of malice at all - they're just bored. A closer look at his 'trolling' is revealing, because he acts out of feelings of power, amusement, boredom, and revenge...And being locked away in some long forgotten outpost of the British Empire, would suggest this. Why would someone, make such a post, as to tell a board, full of Arsenal supporters, about airport tax that he incurred while supposedly on his way to a place popular with old men, for we know what!! Unless its just a feeble attempt to impress upon us, that he is telling the truth, and really going with the Travel Group 'Denpasar Dalliances'(well known by Aussies for we know what) to seek out fresh fields. Well Rikki. Time to come clean(figuratively speaking of course)and let it all hang out on here. Well, perhaps not everything.........But indulge Butch. Set yourself free, and feel better about yourself.......

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    • You sound idiotic. I cannot understand what the #$%$ you're on about cuntchops

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      • Take no notice of her, Roger, no-one else does.

        This is the idiot Gillian Brown, formally known as 'Dodgybanana', now using the IDs 'Jimmy', 'Baldrick', 'Jack S', and 'The Londoners'.

        She came on here years ago bragging about Vietnam war medals, shipwrecks, and being rescued at sea and taken to Australia. She then regaled us with fabulous stories of her adventures 'Down-Under'.

        When I pulled her up on a few things, PROVING she had never been anywhere near OZ, she went off on this idiotic, illiterate crusade.

        What's really funny is the way she bragged about her knowledge of South East Asia, then mixes up Bali, the surf capital of Asia, with Vietnam, where Gary Glitter was arrested, which is even funnier considering her #$%$ stories about her time spent in Vietnam.

        So just laugh at her, everyone else does.

      • Sssss! Ooooo! Did I touch a nerve then bollock chops. Sounds like an upset Troll Queen aussie