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    Rooney - Real Madrid, Juventus, Barcelona or ..... Arsenal ...

    Well, slayer, where do you think he'd choose?

    Give us your reasons for believing he'd choose Arsenal.

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    • ROONEY ??? I think he'll choose Denpasar Riders.........or Brisbane Old Slags maybe??....ha ha ha ha ha ha oh dear PMSL!! But if he does come to Arsenal, where would we would he stand against likes of Wiltshire, Cavallo, Hugain, Torres, Ramsey, Poldolski, Walcott, Rosiki, etc?? After all, he has been playing with some dross these last few years...He might be able to fit his fat butt on the bench. Just!! And please don't give us that PL win last season. They just got in, on a bad year for others....pure good fortune. Or as we might put it. Lucky basterds.

    • I hope he does not come to Arsenal, but will welcome him if he does. At Arsenal he would have a bigger chance of making it into the starting 11 than at Real or Barca. Both Real and Barca are quick to bench strikers because of a lack of patience. Barca is even happy to play without an out-and-out striker. With the WC around the corner this would be the one selling point Arsenal have. Having said that as a counter argument to that point, Roy seems so in awe of Rooney that he might be an automatic England starter even he warms the bench at Barca or Real. This might be because of a lack of depth at the striker position for England.

      Bring on Higauin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • A bigger chance Mar?!

        Im pretty sure he'll be the best player you have if he joins!

        I can understand why you lot wouldnt be keen to have him, but Im pretty sure you'll take to him if he did as he's everything you need, and I do think he'd flourish under old Prune face.

        However its not going to happen because he wont take a pay cut, and Wenger wont pay even 150k a week I can assure you all of that!

        In fact Higuain is a bargain, thats the only reason Wenger is SLIGHTLY breaking your record to get him. But Wenger has never denied how much of a fan of Rooneys he is. I find it intriguing actually - and as far as Im concerned your welcome to him! Rather you lot than Chelski thats for sure!

    • he won't understand Spanish, Italian but at the Arsenal he be able to understand French much easier