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  • Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Jul 2, 2013 13:36 Flag

    Great news for Arsenal

    Mike Phelan the former assistant boss to Fergie hints at Rooney exit. He told BBC Radio Five Live: "It is a difficult one."

    Phelan added: "I think you can put your first one down to inexperience maybe, the second one is putting yourself right out there. Somewhere along the line there will, I would think, be some words said, there will be some meetings, and they'll see if its still alive and worth going for or they'll call time on it."

    Reading between the lines from the above, it sounds to me like Rooney's heart isn't in it anymore and he wants out pronto! This bodes well for us and Chelsea.

    Wilshere, Rooney, Cazorla, Hig combo will strike FEAR into our opponents as Wilshere himself said.

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