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  • Jacob Jacob Aug 1, 2013 10:59 Flag

    Breaking wind on Rikki....

    ..... he's been dropped into Bali wearing his Green Beret, and a back pack full of 4X. Then after a week on the p..ss, on his way to Newcastle to chin Geordie, for dropping him in it on here. I here Rikki is a mean in fighter, hair, teeth, handbags, and eyeballs everywhere; usually his. Do the dentures still fit Butch; The ones Lee Bowyer knocked out last time? You'll never get back in Black Ops, with a glass eye and a limp...And didn't I hear that since you opened your mouth about going to Denpasar, you cancelled because there would be some 'old friends' waiting for you??? No!? Oh well just rumour then, as always with you....You have a good weekend Butch and if you go travelling don't forget the spare Y fronts and pads, especially with that irritable bowel syndrome of yours. Cheery now Have a lovely time avoiding the pig sh..t.

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