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  • Loyal Gunner Loyal Gunner Dec 18, 2013 16:06 Flag

    Ozil is too inconsistent

    Owen, however, has labelled Ozil 'inconsistent', and even believes Arsenal still lack the quality to remain top.

    'Despite people constantly telling me Mesut Ozil is world class, his inconsistency means that we only see occasional glimpses of real quality, he said. 'His odd good performance is usually followed by half a dozen poor ones.

    'Arsenal don’t have the class of player to go toe to toe with the main title contenders'

    PROOF is in the pudding, as I have said for a long time coming. Ozil wasnt what we needed this summer especially with the limited giroud our only option upfront, and this will bare fruit in the second halves of the season. NUFF said.

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    • Look back over Gunner's' post history, it doesn't take an IQ higher than room temperature to work out who it is ..... SLAYER. And he's the first one, as you'd expect, to blame someone else.

      "PROOF is in the pudding"

      "the limited giroud"

      "this will BARE fruit in the second HALVES of the season."

      "a good point soundly made by MCMXCIX"

      "you have the blinkers on it seemed"

      "that is what I am sorry for you"

      "our thread bare squad would not last the distance,"


      ...... and on and on and on ..... SLAYER .... FACT!

    • Rikki BORED, hehehe!

      Once a spammer always a spammer.

      Keep it up, Rikk the spamming Gunner.

    • Oh dear....I don't think I can recall anyone sounding as desperate as you. This latest attempt at a wind up is laughable in the extreme. You are even worse than thick Rikki FFS!!!
      If Ozil is so inconsistent and his performances so poor on the whole, how come his assist rate is so high? And how come so many good results for Arsenal have come directly through Ozils assists, or Ozils goals? Oh....and how come the Madrid fans and players were so vocal in their disgust upon the sale of Mesut?

      Please...don't bother trying to reply, do the decent thing and.....

      run along, sorry one.

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      • Fabongrasss why so wound up to the extreme? Your defensiveness for ozil reveals your true worries. He is inconsistent and this is now agreed upon in the game by the true experts. That ship has cast anchors and sailed Im afraid to say. The stats DO lie in your case, much as they did when arsehavin joined and flattered to deceive, you were of the same mindset Im sure that he was a great and still you dont learn.
        Mark my words, ozil is another flop of the same ilk, destined for the scrap heap. What we need now more than ever is a world class striker. I would however not be opposed to taking remy in the meantime who is a class above the poor giroud.

    • Which is why I have said that Arsenal have done very well to come back from the 1st game defeat to opening a gap at the top. We have slightly over achieved so far and more investment (in the right areas of the pitch!) is vital. IMO Ozil is good and sometimes his linkage play with others is under estimated simply because others get the shot or goal at the end. That said, a quality forward is needed desperately

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      • Ozil isnt good hes brilliant, but that was showed at Madrid. This is the premiership and you must work hard to be a success here, and he is too much of lazy bones to be regarded as such Im afraid to say (think Berbatov or arshavin).

        To say we have overachieved is an understatement liking to saying Henry was a decent finisher or wenger is a tightfisted. The table now does not reflect the true order of things. Man City will be top once they correct their way form (see bayern result for whats to come). Man united are still finding their form and will be strong once moyes makes it his team (see everton past 10 years for proof). Chelsea need major changes but with their investment in quality young players its hard to see past them for the next 10 years under mourinho, and spurs are one quality manager and striker signing away from being title challengers. Liverpool are the same.

        We can kid ourselves saying we are top but truth is one punch to the ribs and we will be doing the bambi dance. its possible that we have already been hurt by recent results, and we are a couple of injuries away from a major slip up. WATCH THIS SPACE