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    The first FOUR goals (against Pool).

    OK,i took a deep breath and watched the first 20 mins again (via Livetv) and you know what? Arsenal really were not so bad.
    First goal came off the knee of Skirtel (arguably offside too BTW!) from a free kick which was as soft as I have ever seen. Arsenal were giving as good as they got. 4 mins or so. At around 9mins Lpool score again. Skirtel header from a corner kick. Good header. It happens to the best. Giroud had a chance at the other end and so did Monreal, both through better play than that of Lpool. Arsenal were still up for it at 2-0 down. Still passing well enough and still getting chances. Suarez hits the post, from another corner with a wicked shot from well outside the box. Mertesaker header, from a corner, which should have been on target.
    Lpool crowd and players are bang up for the game now.Third goal at 16 mins. Ozil slips in the Lpool half Lpool take possession, Monreal caught upfield and Lpool run into open country and then put cross along floor which bypasses Arsenal CBs and Arteta (I think) to reach incoming Pool man at far post in acres of space as Sagna is way upfield.
    Fourth goal, I think its Ozil again. This time his pass is cut out just outside of the Pool box.Koscielny had just won Arsenal the ball and was slightly forward at this point due to his interception. Coutinho grabs the ball, runs forward and plays a great ball to Sturridge who is afforded just enough space to beat Kosceilny, and score a well taken goal.

    Game over.

    All in all, after close examination I don't think the wonderful start was due to canny tactics on the part of Lpool, or particularly bad play by Arsenal or exceptional play by Lpool. Lpool took their chances but those chances came twice from set pieces and twice through mistakes made by Arsenal a long way upfield. The full backs so far out of defence for the third (Sagna especially!) was the biggest mess IMO. The other three goals could happen quite easily, on any other day, and to any other team.

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    • I remember Giroud's chance at 1-0 down. Had he taken it and leveled the game might have been different but he is not that type of striker IMO. The faul called on Mertesacker before the 1st goal was weak and it did look like some Liverpool players were of side on the goal but no Liverpool player should have gotten a body part on the ball period same for the corner from which Skirtel scored a great header. 2 set pieces 2 goals is not acceptable at this level and is old Arsenal. But like you said it does happen. After that individual mistakes contributed to the next goals and after going 2-0 down that should never happen.

      I just read an article this morning which said ""The manager is expected to make a couple of changes with the axe likely to fall on Nacho Monreal, while he must make a big decision about Mesut Ozil.

      "Ozil was criticised for his contribution at Anfield and, according to the Arsenal medical team, he is close to the ‘red zone’ — when fatigue creeps in and players are more exposed to injury.

      "The £42million signing from Real Madrid has not settled comfortably into life in London and despite an encouraging start has not been satisfied with his own recent form."

      I think Wenger should protect Ozil and rest him. It is normal for him to need time to adjust to the PL, he is not the first foreign player to need time to adjust.

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      • I think the anti Arsenal press (and there is plenty of them) are just aching to slight Ozil and Arsenal. Ozil wasn't at his best and perhaps he looked out of sorts but it has been a long season for him. First seasons at a new club, in a new country and immersed in a new culture are always going to sap the strength. To say Ozil is not settled comfortably in London is almost guaranteed to be pure conjecture on the part of the author.
        Ozil always seemed happy enough to me.

        A rest would not go amiss.Rather that than an injury bought on by fatigue.

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      From what I see none of the four Lpool goals were due to Mertesakers pace and neither were they down to Artetas poor DM work. Koscileny perhaps didn't get back far enough after his interception in the build up to the 4th though it looks to me like it was merely a case of the pace of Sturridge beating Kosc, by a step! Sagna so far forward for the third is arguably the biggest defensive error IMO.

      Ah well.

      Onwards and upwards.