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  • RICHARD RICHARD Apr 30, 2007 03:34 Flag

    Leeds United

    Leeds United should have the book thrown at them for the absolutley disgusting and appalling scences at Elland Road yesterday - if the FA have got any balls then the "mighty Leeds United (dream on!)" should start next season with a hefty fine and be docked at least 20 points if not more ! - by the way I am a Leeds fan season ticket holder for 30 years and feel that severe action againest the club is the only way to combat the so called fans responsible for yesterday humiliating display to the entire football commuinty !

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    • richard #$%$ please do not renew your season ticket for next season . we do not want the likes of you at our ground .i agree the so called fans are a disgrace but so are your stupid comments i dont even believe you are a leeds fan your more than likely an armchair manc

    • you cant blame the team for what there so called fans do can you, they are going to have a hard enough job next season as it is without stupid fans thinking that it is clever to storm the pitch so the fans that caused the trouble should be dealt with.