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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 31, 2009 13:18 Flag


    You seem to indicate Ferguson might not be good enough to play for Scotland? And yet you sing the praises of Relegation bound Wolves Sustitute player Iwelmo(or whatever his correct spelt name is), Wolves are #$%$, Iwelmo cant get on the team sheet & couldnt hit a barn door from 2 feet!
    Barry Ferguson on the other hand is playing every game, is in a top 10 Premier div side & is widely regarded as being reborn as a football player,His performances this season have been superb.
    I am not anti SPL, but you have to admit that the standard of players playing there even in Rangers & Celtic are rather poor!
    Rangers & Celtic are around the same standard as the Championship sides, that is not a slight, its just the reality, Kris Boyd would not be a target of any top 10 team in England.
    players like Ferguson & Mcfadden are playing top class football week after week, they are crucial to Scotlands chances of qualifying for Euro 2012, If Scots cant see that they had better lay off the whiskey!