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    F1 - Mc Laren - What a masquerade!


    What a masquerade!
    Mc Laren is proved guilty of spying and lying repeatedly and insistently over the course of the season, and it’s nevertheless a Mc Laren driver who will be (or should be…) sacred world champion.
    Thanks to Ecclestone, Stewart and the entire British racing community at large, cheating may be a good option after all.
    More than 600 pages of documents, hundreds of emails, several meetings between Coughlan and Stepney (the Ferrari “Judah”), Ron Denis lies (he previously said Coughlan only was involved), and knowledge of Ferrari setups and other elements by drivers and senior staffs did not constitute enough evidences to penalize Mc Laren drivers.
    Read Planet-f1 and Autosport, announcing first on their web sites Mc Laren disqualification for 2007 and 2008, only to retract later (Ecclestone making sure his British pals could go on with business as usual).
    What did we learned?
    1. Money buys it all.
    2. British media sense of fairness and impartiality is questionable, if not improbable.
    3. Too much British influence in Formula One.
    Personally, in light of all findings, I cannot see Alonso or Hamilton being legitimate world champion. Sorry for them but F1 is a team sport.
    I would rather see no financial penalties but the disqualification of Mac Laren team and drivers for the 2007 season.

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    • Fully agree, the whole team is guilty toss them all out. The team has used copied parts, the driver uses the car,let's share the guilt among all the parties.

    • Funny how Ferrari shout cheat and the fia jump. And the fact it's Mclaren their major competitor makes a big difference.

      Toyota scandel with Ferrari hardly hit the headlines and was dealt with in public courts.

      Mind, Toyota are hardly going to dent Ferrari's charge to championships are they.

    • and no punishments for ferrari running illegal kit on their cars ....... double standards and if it werent a british team it wouldnt have happened - ferrai sour grapes from the biggest nation of corruption in sport ever ......... its hilarious

      i'm no mclaren fan - but their is no sense of fairness at all - one way traffic at usual

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      • Ferrari running an illegal kit and no punishment was handed out ???

        How come none of the teams like BMW, Toyota, Renault and Williams which all would have gained 1 or 2 championship point if Ferrari was disqualified never complained about this(except McLaren) ???

        Do you think they would really let those points(and a good amount of money) go if Ferrari was really running an illegal kit?

        Ferrari was investigated and the car was cleared as perfectly legal as far as i know.