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  • Ajay Ajay Sep 17, 2007 06:31 Flag

    Help me understand?

    Fantastic link---thank you for passing it on. It really spelled out a lot of the details that I was lacking.

    You may also choose to re-read the fantastic summary you supplied. In the article, it has yet to be established if PDLR ran tests in the simulator. His email stated that he wanted the info in order to use it in the simulator but then later testified to the WMSA that he did NOT run the simulator with Ferrari's variables...It would not have made sense to do so because the cars are so different. Not sure if there's any point in lying at this point since he was granted immunity UNLESS it is later determined that he withheld information...seems to me that it would be smarter to come clean now than to lie about the details. Not a smart decision on his part if he lied...could be the end of his short lived F1 career without the FIA's immunity protecting him.

    It's unlikely that PDLR chose not to run the simulator, and I'll agree that it is also likely that others had to be informed to make that simulation happen. What irritates me is that we may never know what actually happened because the FIA has refused to fully inspect McClaren's garage as they offered up. As a fan, I'd really like to know the actual extent that this information was utilized. Perhaps this may come out when they reconvene in December to determine if the information was utilized in the design of the 2008 McClaren design.

    While the case that Max Mosly presents is damning, it includes entirely too much speculation. Unless the FIA investigates further and comes up with solid proof to replace their comments that include "likely" or "unlikely" I have a hard time accepting the scenerio they present in full.

    However, that said, I now understand that yes, it is enough that McClaren had the information according to the FIA rule book...they didn't have to use it in the design of the car or race strategy to be in violation of the rules. In which case, isn't it a shame that PDLR is home free? It seems that he was the only one actively reaching out to Caughlin to get the illegal information. Without PDLR, I wonder how or if Caughlin would have utilized the information.