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  • Conspiracy Theorist Conspiracy Theorist Sep 26, 2007 09:56 Flag

    Hamilton and Button

    Hamilton and Button for McLaren in 2008. Good idea?

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    • If thats your idea of an english dream team.....

      My God... can you think outside of your nationalist mind???

      The best pair McLaren ever had didnt have a Brit in it, by the way...one was french, the other was brazilian, and we are VERY FAR from seeing anything that good happen again in this circus...

      And since when does Button deserve a spot in such a high-performing team? The best spot he was ever offered is at Honda for next year, we would have known otherwise no?

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      • At least Button aint a scum bag, paella munching cheat with no moral fibre unlike some Spanish git I know. In addition, I don’t recall Button ever forcing a team mate off the track.

      • Poor baby hamilton doesnt know the Fuji speedway?
        ohreally we are supposed to swallow this piece of #$%$????

        Once again another piece of bull from the british media

        Not only the rumors of Massa/Toyota are not founded (should have known, coming from the Daily Mail), now theyre trying to tell us that if Lewis fails to win on sunday it's because he didnt know the track???

        Every team gets a full and detailed map of the track, with everything they have to know to stick it in the simulator...each and every team got a bunch of informations from the organizers of the FUJI GP...
        there is an article on how BMW uses those files to come up with a number of simulations in order to prepare their cars for the GP....

        Youre going to tell me that Lewis didnt try the track on their simulators when every one else has done so???

        Im tired of the english press.... Alonso going to Ferrari , and Senna coming back to life?

    • Have you not seen button isnt moving hes with honda for another year.