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  • Metzelder S Metzelder S Oct 1, 2007 21:05 Flag

    Steward in Japan GP

    I believe what Ferrari told that they do not know about every driver have to start the race with wet tyre.

    Steward should be more responsible in these matters.A pit stop in early race will cost them a slungish start.

    Kimi n Massa have the chance to win and there is more exciting race with the two Ferraris.

    Kimi n Massa lost about 40 seconds after 5 laps.Steward should be punish

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    • That's ok mate...I know just what you mean...it makes my blood boil too at times...they can't or don't want to see what's so obvious

    • Ferrari are a great team. Mc Laren are a great team. The FIA are a shower of sh1t. Time to walk Max

    • As far as I'm concerned Farrari are a load of cheating, lying tossers and about time they were penalized for all their underhand antics. The rules say 'no team orders' you can't tell me that by bringing Massa in when they did, it wasn't for Kimi's benefit and I'm sure a lot of Farrair fans can't deny it

    • well ill agree there entertaining but then agin most jokers are

    • I've watched F1 for over 35 years, and I can tell you from experience that F1 without Ferrari is not very entertaining. However, their last fit of pique was many years ago when Enzo ran the team. I can't see this lot of mannequins, lawyers and playboys having the bottle to withdraw.

    • well iv wacthed f1 for well over 15yrs and can honastly say iv never like the farrie team from the 1st season.the tactics and every thing else thay do thay are far to quick to complain when things arnt going there way its never there fault is it now how many times have thay got away with things and others get penalised.the best thing all the fans can do is boycot them dont bye from them and if you ware there colors dont if you do your no better then thay are.

    • Maybe Ferrari should change their e-mail provider!

      It's quite impossible for them to have not been sent the email. It's sent in a batch to everyone simultaneously. Perhaps ferrari had their spam settings wrong!
      And what was going on with not fuelling Massa to the end of the race. If I was a suspicious person I might think it was away of getting Raikonen ahead of Massa without contravening team order rules.

      Hey ho! Good old Ferrari

    • And you really believe that Farrari were the only team that wasn't told....get real, it was once again Farrari trying to bend the rules...they deserved to have their race messed up for trying to cheat....they said they didn't get the e-mail...rubbish, as someone said in another thread, they are notified in 3 ways not only an e-mail

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      • i've been watching f1 for quite a long time now..and i have no particular likes,only when the race is good...and for quite sometime i always read what other people say here on the message board..there's just one thing i noticed..everybody seem to hate and curse the ferrari..even when they weren't at wrong there are still those who just like to keep on trash talking about the team..when schumi won,you hated it coz he is a cheat...when he crashed,it seemed like some people actually wished for it to happen...when they lose,there are still who likes to blame them for whatever...and regarding that stinking communication of the FIA,it was only after that the FIA decided to use other ways of communication as a back-up for email to make sure everyone gets them...

      • Ferrari can go out with inter tyre but the steward want wet tyres on each car.

        Y FIA did not step up to clarify these case whether is their fault or Ferrari is cheating.

        Ferrari does not cheat because they have their responsible to maintain the good image of F1 now and future

      • one thing for sure....with the rain like that it would only make sense to put on full wet tyres, I do not think ferrari want to cheat...

      • Actually they were informed only by e-mail. The FIA has since stated they will notify using additional means. As for Ferrari, they should have known that starting on intermediates would have been a mistake. Also, why did the stewards wait til after the start to tell them to come in for the penalty, rather than forcing them prior to their recog lap. The whole thing seemed a bit unorganized to me. As for Ferrari, they realized that they were partially to blame, so therefore no appeal. Obviously, no intent to circumvent rules when it wasn't a "rule" in Ferrari's eyes before the start of the race. As for Hamilton, good win for him. His post race comments comparing himself to the likes of Senna and Prost just show his arrogance. Let other people draw those comparisons.