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  • Petrus Petrus Jun 12, 2008 06:58 Flag

    Crashes and Things ......

    I do enjoy a good crash! ... so I was disappointed to have opted out of watching Montreal. But what surprised me on hearing about the now infamous traffic lights shunt was the fact that no-one was breathalysed! Had those involved been so tested then one would most assuredly have been at least two bottles of vodka over the limit while the other would simply have registered an excess of hot air (right mangstadt, mick)? The latter being amply demonstrated by the alleged post race comment of, "We destroyed everyone." Wro-o-ong Lewis, you destroyed Kimi's Ferrari, the others will presumably have to wait their turn on a future date! My favourite comment in the now customary bi-weekly post race squabble (make that furore) on this forum was Mike's suggestion that F1 disputes be settled with a "duffing up round the back." Swift, summary justice - appeals to my intellectual side that does. And talking of intellect and/or the lack of it, Adam's ongoing against-the-odds battles to explain the rational to the irrational remain admirable yet painful. I fear that the last sound he ever hears may be the manic cackle of one of his looney protagonists coming from the secure ward next to the cardiac unit to which he has been rushed following his self-induced heart failure. Nutters 1 Adam 0. Which leads totally rationally to ... In the mayhem which is the accusations, explanations and recriminations on this forum following not just this race's smash but the crashes in all races might I suggest that there is one and just one cause of all crashes; which is that guys in very fast cars go racing .... simplistic I know but hey I'm just a simple guy (I know). So I'm not overly-concerned with who did what to whom or apportioning blame, it's just part of the action and, as I said, I do enjoy a good crash!

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    • how much better is their live F1 show is alot better then Speed TV. ITV and Do they follow all The drivers or some of them I wish that I got more then speed tv!

    • Neither the BT Vision....

    • I'm glad someone got some entertainment me vs. the Hamilton-haters and their struggle with reality. I've given up on them now, it was more hassle than it was worth, and less entertaining for me than it started off. When frustration starts to set in, that's when it's time to do something else.

      I don't consider them real formula one fans anyway. Half of them can't spell the names of the drivers and teams. They just need someone to hate and have picked some English bloke who dared to have a tiff with some Spanish bloke.

      I think my heart is fine now, luckily!

    • Still trying to figure out how to work that thing mike, must ask the kids how to do it...

    • no the bt system you posh sod

    • What, the plasma screen in the bathroom or the porta-potti? :-)

    • As an after-thought to this piece and just for fun I wonder how many of you out there have ever watched just the start of a Grand Prix and the first bend action before - in the absence of a good crash - going off to do something else? I'm obviously an 'Aye' for starters, what about the rest of you?

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      • I admit that I have occasionally not sat through the whole race. I tend to pick the race - Hungary is a good one for just leaving the commentators ranting away in the background whilst you b-b-q the cat, teach your son the fine art of off-spin bowling, paint the bathroom, stuff like that...

        And yes, I remember the good old days when squaring off in the pit lane was the accepted practice - an ancient ritual that reminded the spectators of the fine fun to be had watching other gladitorial contests. mind you, the drivers wore pit helmets rather than skidpans in those days.

      • Me too Petrus, I usually go and make some coffee and a sandwich to enjoy during the pit-stops. Glad I did last weekend or I would have missed all the action.

        Commercial breaks on ITV are amazing, they seem to be timed to perfection. As soon as my coffee has filtered through to my nether regions, this 2 minute break materializes just in time for a comfort stop! Thank you ITV for that one perfect piece of broadcasting... shame about the rest of it.....

      • and having watched every car through turn 1 and the accidents that come with it, i have enjoyed 1 or 2 instances of instant justice with a quick slap round the head sorting it,,

        most enjoyable

      • I like the whole race their the tracks all of them has their ups and downs and the Q time to be on pole is the most importance thing if you start from 18th then you have to push hard to get in the points. then their pitstops love them alot of stuff can happen their and do happen their! last week was great!