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  • SM Najam SM Najam Oct 17, 2008 17:30 Flag

    Brit fans and F1

    I am SO tired of hearing the Brit fans and their conspiracy theories. Grow up. Not everyone is out to GET Lewis Hamilton. If MS drove the way LH drives you guys would be filling the web sites with complaints about him. LH is a Prima-Donna. He is in an AMAZING car. he has STRONG team orders with regards to HK (which you will all deny but everyone else sees). Grow up and get real. The man is a talent. Maybe a GREAT talent but he is a big baby and deserves the bad press he is getting.

    Webber, Trulli, Alonso, Kimi, Felippe, Kubitsa, the list goes on...ALL are wrong? ALL are in the game to get him? Open your eyes and reliase that he is an impetuous driver. He has no sense of fairplay and he needs to be taught a lesson.

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    • Hammyboy also likes to stare at his own reflection in the mirror

    • Mark,

      and this board was full of remarks at some of his antics! But the point is that if you step back and look at both drivers then actually your comment "If MS drove the way LH drives you guys would be filling the web sites" is the problem. LH has a very similar style to MS. You certainly don't become a 7 time world champion by attending the Mother Teresa school of racing. there's no other way to say it, you have to be cut-throat.

      When MS did his craziest on track maneuvers, like Monaco qualifying, blatantly taking out other drivers, he was penalized and sometime heavily BUT what we are seeing today is LH being continually penalized for incidents that MS and F1 (back then) thought of as normal and OK and within the rules. (That of course was when there was one steward who actually knew what he was doing.)

      And no matter what team you support, if you step back and look at some of the stewards decisions over this session, even though there may be no conspiracy sadly it smells like there is.

    • conspiracy theories have been around F1 a lot, lot longer than LH.

      And every driver should be out to force him to change his natural driving style and not because he is aggressive. We all perform worse when we aren't allowed to perform as instinct demands. Thus an aggressive driver called upon to drive defensively will never drive as well as he can when driving aggressively. Not only that, but such calls are essentially an attempt to influence the stewards in any further penalties that might be called for. Pretty soon, we'll be hearing that 'everyone knows what a bad driver LH is,' because everyone says he is. Has little or nothing to do with his competence.

      So I tend to dismiss the opinions of any driver when they comment on another's driving style. Just as I dismiss their opinions when asked to comment on their racing incidents - with some of them it will always be 'the other fellow's fault.'

      Conspiracy theory - no. Human nature - most certainly.

    • What #$%$ me off most Mark is your presumption that all British people are the same... where not ......

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      • I am British, i cannot stand LH,i hate the british Goverment, support a spanish football team, think the british monarchy are great,i cant stand the FIA, think canada has a great f1 circuit, dont like bridgestone, hate silverstone love brands hatch. I hated living in the uk so i moved. I am still British bet there are not many brits the same as me.

    • I am English, mark n. I am not a Lewis Hamilton fan. I like the way Robert Kubica drives.

      What I do have a problem with is the odd decisions that go Felipe Massa's way this season.

      Not least the decision against Bourdais in the last race. That was unbelievable.

      And like it or not, Hamilton should have won at Spa.

      And fair play is important to most of the people that I know here in England.

      And Hamilton himself has admitted his error in the first corner last race.

      It is possible that fair play is more important than individuals.

    • Yeah you are right. You and Max should sent round some one to spank him. Tool.

    • That's the problem. He DOES drive like MS.