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  • Robert Robert Apr 24, 2009 08:36 Flag

    Honda pulling out of F1

    Demoing, Soichiro Honda, the founder of the company, believed in the power of racing to raise the status of his company.

    The company built a successful corporation making cheap, small motorcycles which were sold very successfully all over the world.

    He decided to go motorcycle racing at a time when English and Italian (mostly Italian) dominated. He introduced multi-cylindered machines that became dominant in the sport for a while.

    Their success killed off the English manufacturers, and led the way for Suzuki and Yamaha to succeed in racing.

    I don't know, but I suppose, Honda's involvement in F1 had similar status-seeking aims. They have certainly provided some great engines to the sport.

    I doubt that Honda leaving F1 will have too much effect on the company as a whole. They could probably do better with being famous for their "green technology" cars.

    Personally, I thank Soichiro for creating the best motorcycle I ever rode.

    And I would love to see them back in F1.