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    Planning for the future - Jordy Brouwer

    LFC has confirmed signing striker Jordy Brouwer, a Dutch U19 international from Ajax. In a year or two there may be no need to spend big in the market as these youngsters come through. Hopefully they are good enough. Add this to Daniele Padelli and Emiliano Insua who were signed during this window. And we have been talking of Carson, Paul Anderson, Nabil El Zhar, Lee Peltier, Craig Lindfield and others. The future may to be bad after all.

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    • B4 you come on our message boards to critisise us you might do us (scousers) the curtesy of learning the fucking language first you illiterate chelski chimp!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mate you cant have more trophies if u win nothing... Liverpool is champions league and Barca are beatable every team is. I hope Spurs or Arsenal beat the livin shite out of ya in the carling cup. coz u wont have a slight chance with anything else.

    • Its good we've got im

      o and in regards to

      'We don't need to bring in players for the future because we can just buy the best which is why we will always finish above Liverpool and Man U.
      Our dominance will carry on for a long time.

      Jose !'

      Your second, possibly not for long :) When the money goes, so does Chelsea, relegated as all players will have to be sold, to make sure the wage bill doesnt put them into backruptcy. The difference is my friend, that liverpool either buy (very cheaply) or train home grown talents to the bests of their abillities to produce legends like Gerrard, he wasnt signed for millions of pounds, he just found it an honnor to play for a club he loved.

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      • A rough diamond is worthless and not eye catching until it is polished and cut. Of course, some may not turn out to be what they supposed to be, but if you hit one in ten, then you will be laughing all the way to the bank!

        Spotting talents is the same. You cast your net as wide as possible, use your experience, check the pedigree, and then take the ultimate risk. Remember, no risk no gain.

        Unfortunately some people only want to mention the success stories but never look at the number of times the selection process sometimes could go very wrong!

        Lastly, to the Chelskis, I would rather pay a decimal of their investment on an unheard of potential then to pay 30m for a diamond that turns out to be a piece of coal in disguise!

    • If SWP had not fallen over we would not have got to see the best Nutmeg ever !

    • At least there's always room at chelsea games, nobody wants to watch a bunch of prostitutes.
      By the way Mr Chelsea 2007 who will have to change his name when Utd or Pool win the league this year.
      Save your money don't go to Slumford Bridge go to English classes instead you will be better off when you can use the language properly in this country.

    • Well you have got to admire your bare faced cheek when you have just been butt f***ed at anfield and your high priced prima donnas could not even manage to take a free kick properly.
      You would have been a better side without Ballack Cole & Schev.

    • We signed Agger at 19, Sissoko at 20, Gonzalez at 20, Riise at 21, Alonso at 22, Reina at 22 and Carra and Gerrard were youth players thats 8 of our regular first team squad wer young players how many do you want?

      Better than signing a 30 year old for 30 million who finally cuts it aginst a league 2 side lol!

    • WHY IS IT THAT chelshit seem to attract idiots and fools to their fan base... Sissoko is young,bought from another club and he could walk straight into most top club midfields.All Chelshit do is poach as many players as they can( shaun wright-phillips) comes to mind,so not to let other clubs buy these players and leave to sweat it out on the bench.

    • what supprised me was how essien could not defend.

      if sissoko or gerrard ever had to go full back in an emergency im sure they would do a lot better than that but that is unlikely to happen as rafa is building for the future to ensure we have got cover at all times

      also what was with wright phillips falling over all the time?

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