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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 29, 2007 00:34 Flag

    Momo Sissoko Signs new contract

    It's good piece of business. As much as I am eagerly waiting for Lucas, but we don't have guarantees that he will fit in and perform in the EPL. It would be folly for us to dispose of Momo simply because Lucas is coming. Also remember that Mascherano is on loan to the end of the season. There again is no guarantee that he will be signed permanently. Not because he is not a good player, but the more he performs well for us the more his owners will be asking for when we start talking a permanent deal. I am one who was eagerly hoping that Momo would sign for a longer period. Next year or the year after, he will be worth much more than the 9m that we would have squeezed this time around.