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  • Robert B Robert B Jul 23, 2008 16:49 Flag

    Worried....very worried!

    All these friendlies have shown is that we are so reliant on Gerrard and Torres especially it is unbelieveable! Rafa is going on about how it is positive having the spanish contingent back, but apart from Torres, will they make that much of a difference to last night?

    Alonso will replace Mascherano who I love, and who played great yesterday, and who I can't believe we have let go to the Olympics (the one player apart from the hated Voronin that played vaguely ok yesterday)...Arbeloa is a bit part anyhow, Reina can;'t affect things out in the middle where we are lacking.

    If we don't get another top quality striker we WON'T finish in the top four. FACT! If we don't get a winger as well we WON'T finish in the top three (as that would make a huge difference)...

    Just for the record, yesterdays losers (and they should all be trying to prove themselves) were Plessis (who can't tackle), Leto (utterly ineffectual), Pennant (woeful in possession), Kuyt (harsh but he's had 90 mins or so UP FRONT in these friendlies thus far, and failed to score), Degen (the attacking emphasis Rafa has placed on the full backs because we can't afford a winger is going to leave us exposed at the back, and Degen is hardly Zambrotta, or Roberto Carlos)....

    Its not all negative I've been impressed pre season by all the centre backs who look good to go, whichever pair are selected. Although CB is about understanding so rotation in these positions isn't the best strategy. Dossena is promising (about what you get for 7m nowadays), Lucas, and Masch were great, (but off to the Olympics), the kid at right back I've been impressed by.

    But as per last season we look woefully exposed up front especailly if Torres gets a strain or something. and in wide areas we have nothing, absolutely nothing in terms of creativity and subtleness. We have two good players who want to come inside all the time in Babel and Benayoun, a workhorse in Kuyt, and a cart horse in Pennant.

    Please someone cheer me up...Robbie KEane would be a start!

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    • I feel we've yet made another blunder .. If you cast your minds back to when we got Moritentes I aand many felt we should've got Raul instead... I feel we've made yet another blunder in signing Keane.. we should be buying Berbatov but what happens we settle again for second best in Keane..

      No wonder Man Utd & Chelsea fans laugh at us when we always buy 2nd best players.. aside from Mascherano & Torres, Alonso..

      So I feel once again we'll be battling for 4th place again !! Next season.. !!!!!

    • ..ffs...roll over and take it up the ar*e....pointless f***ing competing if we dont believe we can win....may as well turn P&S on us all...chuck it in...go figure..

    • Amen to that!

    • Amen. Latest rumour has Robbie Keane arriving.
      And welome I say. You'll not hear a negative word
      from me. Young Torres has been a revelation.......
      he will only improve. Another striker only makes
      him even more dangerous.

      It's a very close thing y'know success / failure.
      But for an unlucky unfortunate John Arne Riise
      own goal I believe we'd have been in the C. L. Final
      not Chelski. And Chelski outplayed ManUre and
      were desperately unlucky ( Terry falls on his arse )
      not to send ManUre packing. It's a roll of the dice.

      We're on the right track. Believe it.

    • Rancid, thing what most have to remember is this is the pre-season blues, and it happens every season. The full squad is not back, the transfer window has a ways before it closes, so who knows who new will be coming in, or even who might be going out.

      Also, we should not read too much into pre-season matches, especially the results. They are nothing more than extended training sessions played nearer match speed. Its warm up for christ sakes. If we loose every pre-season match, but go on to a great season, will anyone remember late July?

      Finally on the new players, while I can understand some feeling a little let down that no big names have come in, we've got to remember that its not big names that win games, but big players. Was Agger a household name before he came to us, what about Skrtel? Masch had a good rep, but not a household name, he could not get a game at West Ham? But think most would describe them as big players now, and game winners.

      New new boys will take time to settle, and there maybe language issues to get over. But once they get a good understanding of the system Rafa wants them to play, and a good feel for the players around them, I'm sure they'll do fine.

      They may not all work out, but until they prove they are not worthy to wear the red shirt, they are liverpool players. And, as liverpool players, they need, and deserve our support.

    • Hmmmmm , perhaps instead of worried.....very
      worried , you ought to have titled your post "I am
      a fair-weather fan , I have no faith". Robert , where
      is your spirit? We have improved and will continue
      to build. There's enough barbs and jibes from all
      the half-wit twerps from ManUre , Chelski , et al ,
      true Liverpool supporters cannot be siding with
      that lot.

      Torres is a dangerous talented kid. Rafa will no
      doubt grab another striker to give opposition
      defenses more to worry about. This club has
      improved & is moving in the right direction. This
      negativity accually pisses me off more than the
      futile rantings of other club's fans. Get behind the team , lad.

      Liverpool , a history of excellence.

    • Very, very well said.

      Not seen Dossena play - but people laugh that he only has 1 International cap - but in a land of top-class defenders and at his age, that is no mean feat and one that should fill us with confidence that his best years are to come and he is at LFC to fulfill them.

    • Well now Rafa is back from Switzerland hopefully we see a quick conclusion to the Barry & Keane sagas (but then I dont see what Barry is going to bring to the party and are Spurs going to let Keane AND Beratov go?)

      But agree - and I did state this last year - that we desperately need a second 15-20 goal striker to help Torres, without it we are going to struggle.

      I can see that letting Crouchy go had to be done or otherwise he would have walked next year for nothing - but we MUST use that £11m and get him replaced with an effective EPL-proven striker.

      Point is, that despite having owners with millions of dollars - the US-ecconomy (and the new stadium) leaves them realitively skint - hence we have so little money to spend this summer apart from what Rafa can generate, and he hasn't done a bad job of clearing out so far.........Crouch being the only one most LFC fans would frown at, but as above, Rafa had no choice or PC would have walked out next summer - by letting him go Rafa has got £11m (£4m profit - cant grumble about that!)

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      • Really do hope we stay in the hunt for Keane. Think he'd fit in well either playing wide of Torres in the 3 man front we saw at the end of last season, or sitting just behind Torres in a more traditional 4-4-2 (4-4-1-1).

        Unless we get another serious offer for Alonso, I'd say walk away from Barry. If we have any funds to self finance such a move, I'd rather spend the money on an out and out left winger, rather than Barry. Silva may still be an option as its looking more an more like Valencia are going to be forced to sell at least one of their big names to raise cash.

    • Robert, I understand your concern, but not sure its time to say the sky is falling. Think your on target with most of you analysis of players, although to be fair, Kuyt hardly had any time yesterday to show his stuff, and the chances he'll play as a traditional center forward are very small. Unless we bring in a new right winger, he's most likely going to line up wide right, as he did last season, and as he does with Holland.

      But the biggest problem IMO was not our strikers, but the link up play and service they got from the wide players. Your right, Pennant while he looked spirited early did not provide any decent service, and Leto was all but invisible on the left. I was hoping for more from him, but if its true a Greek team wants him, think its time we took the money. He is not the solution to our wide left play. Masch had a decent game, but neither he nor Plessi got forward enough to truely link up in the attack. Alonso (or Barry) would have provided much better service if available.

      Lastly think its worth noting who was not playing, to realize last nights squad was not representative of who will be the starting first team come next season. No Spainish players, with of course Torres being the biggest one missing. But also no Gerrard, Alonso, or Lucas. Its those 3 plus Masch who will be first choice for the central midfield. so 3 out of 4 first teamers from the critical central midfield. Babel was also missing, who provides much more creativity, pace and attacking strength than Leto can even dream of.

      So if you add in those players, along with Keane, then I think you better start cheering up.

    • Chin up guys, things are not as bad as they look.

      For the upteem times it's pre-season and the lads are very rusty after a long break, give them a couple of weeks' time and they will be up and running. Without a doubt the title challenge will be tough but Liverpool are right in mix to compete with the top 3 sides provided Rafa stops silly tinkering with your 1st eleven and shun rotation.

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      • The money has been set aside for the stadium you dimwit! Interest rates, lending criteria and material costs are all soaring....trust me I'm in construction, and it will cost a mint. Ask any Arsenal fan what impact it will have on us!

        The youth players are JUST starting to come through. Didn't we win the reserve title, and have dominated the youth cup last 3 years or so. Those players are just starting to feed through, but it takes time. We want to win things, which makes it hard to blood young players.

        Degen was FREE? Hardly a gamble. As was Voronin, who much as I hate him will make us 3m profit sooner rather than later. Dossena was making waves in Italy, got in the national side (and they ain't mugs), so is a decent replacement for the of late underperforming Riise.

        Rafa is doing his best, and I don't blame him! The board need to have a plan whereby they BACK the manager to at least fill our weaknesses. Rafa knows we need a wide player, but he can't get anyone suitable at the fees being thrown around. He knows we need a striker.

        and mark my words if we get Robbie Keane he'll be EXCELLENT for us. Playing with Torres, that is Dalglish/Rush like or could be!!!!

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