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  • Paul J Paul J Feb 2, 2009 17:50 Flag

    Keane Gone

    According to the Independent a deal has been struck for Keane to return to Spurs for around £15million.


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    • But I think the good news is, now there is a spot waiting to be filled up by a striker in the summer.

      I personally think that, with Rafa getting his new contract extension with more say on transfer and buying of players, in addition that Rafa is Spanish, the two most likely strikers that would fill up the place could be Sergio Aguero or surprisingly, could be the unsettled Tevez.

      20 million something for Liverpool to get Tevez looks possible seeing that Robbie Keane is now gone and some money is now in the fund. I feel that Rafa will play the waiting game, wait to see if Man Utd really want to sign Tevez or let him go. If it is the first case, Rafa could possibly go for Sergio Aguero instead. If it is the second case, Rafa could persuade Tevez to join him. Man Utd may not be pleased with that for sure but they have the option to keep Tevez in the first place. It is up to Man Utd now.

      Aguero is younger but Tevez is more experienced and has more reputation. Besides, Aguero style is somewhat similar to Torres though they used to play together in La Liga but Tevez is a totally different player than Torres that he could give something different to the team. Two different strikers most likely play well together than two similar ones.

      But it still depends on Rafa's decision, and the outcome of Tevez's eventual belonging. Though I don't really like to see Tevez leaving Man Utd, but if he does leave but opts to stay in EPL, Liverpool or even Manchester City is the two good and likely future clubs for him. He could play well under either Rafa or Mark Hughes.

      But I may speak too soon. :)

    • Keane is a decent player and he will shine if play along Berbatov...

    • u got to admit he has treated keane a lot worse then players like kuyt and lucas who are poor. he has his favourites.
      i also think keane struggled at liverpool because u are a very defensive, negative and unattacking team. he wants to play just 1 up front and also when u do score he sits back and defends.
      u are a really good at defending, but ur attacking play is poor.
      whereas at spurs we attack a lot and play positivily which is why keane thrived here. but are defensive side is poor.
      if u think u can win the title with ngog, kuyt and torres as ur strikers then u are kidding urselves. torres is good but very injury prone,misses quite a few chances and easy to push off the ball. also rafa is way to negative and cant admit when his favourites arent playin well and persists with them.
      kuyt,dosenna and lucas are poor.

    • as what gives. You come on here with an opinion, fair enough. But why when someone engages you in debate you got to go for the cheap slagging match. Is this how mancs think they win an argument? If you can't prove your point, just start calling them names? Do you want us to think all Mancs are like the idiot Rooney, or maybe you want to step up?

    • Hardly worth my effort replying to you when talk a complete load of crap. Had you raised a decent argument I might well have come back at you but you aint worth my time

    • Bit lost for words are we? Couldnt really say much back i suppose, bet you feel a right tw*t now. Crawl back to ya bin

    • They are dirty cheating scum i agree mate. For some strange reason they think they are everyones second team, yet everyone i know f**kin hates them! I will be on here come the end of the season laughing after they win f**k all again. Lets hope they send gerrard down, the divin coward! YNWA - you'll never win again!

    • Why would i want to watch a stinking heap of sh*t called manure.

      As for the rest of your post you talking a stinking heap of sh*t - but then that goes without saying dont it

      jog on

    • Smithy you twat. How goes? Listen to these dippers mate. Every good player that comes to their crappy pub team ends up ruined or worth half what they paid out and they still won't admit it. Next they'll be telling us that Prune Face Gerrard isn't a diver and a thug who can only slap someone with five of his hub cap stealer mates joining in.

      The most hated club in football and murdering scum they are smithy who i hope fold like a deckchair when they soon go tits up. hahha

    • Lets get the first thing straight, robbie keane played nowhere near 28 games(where you got that figure from nobody will ever know). Torres has been a major flop, any striker that misses over half the games injured is no good, especially for 22mil. One of the most creative midfields in the premiership? very strange comment seein as liverpool are an extremley dull team to watch and generally like to play the long ball. He was never played in the right position(he is not a lone striker or a winger). Also if he didnt fit into benitezs plans then why the f**k did he sign him? (and none of this crap that benitez didnt really want him). Played chelsea off the park? the game was heading for 0-0 until lampard was wrongly sent off. Last point, if you actually bother to watch other games apart from liverpool you will notice that tevez started over half uts games this season and utd have not in fact signed him yet. So to sum it all up, your talkin out your ass. Thank you

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