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    I hope Rafa doesn't sign his contract

    I'm sorry folks, but playing Skrtel at right back was the last straw for me.....particularly when he is a left sided centre back!

    The guys over analysis of matches, particularly against inferior opposition has really cost us. I can just see when he read the team sheet out an hour before kick off:

    Carra: So you want me at right back then Gaffer?
    Rafa: No, no, no, clearly I want you at centre back.This is a FACT
    Carra: What the f*ck?
    Skrtel: What the f*ckin f*ck??

    Anyone could see that if he wasn't playing Carra at RB, then we should have played 3-5-2.

    When the sc*m inevitably win their game in hand, we will be 10 points behind with 11 games to go...that gap will just get bigger. We will finish further behind than last season, so we are going backwards under this man. He will always be a legend for me, with Istanbul being both the greatest game I have been to and the greatest night of my life, but the league is as far away as ever, and he has had enough time to show progress. There are also 5 players, all Rafa buys, who shouldn't be in the team. I am referring to Lucas, Babel, Riera, Kuyt and Dossena.

    The frustration is f*ckin unbearable!

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    • It seems like you've agreed with me...AT LAST!!!

    • I'd agree that maybe the 3-5-2 might have been a better option, although I'm sure, just like the Pompy game, he'd have been attacked for that also, no matter the result.

      But I think you need to think thorugh the RB question before having a go. Yes Skrtel was not up to it, but he's been one of our most constent defenders this season, so you'd not expect he'd have such a bad game. But, I assume Arbeloa was not available, his back up Dengen is injured (yet again), and while Carra has played RB well this season, do you really think he has the pace to keep up with Downing? Downing was the only real threat they had, so who you going to put on him? Carra does not have the pace, Hyppia, even less pace, or maybe you'd like a left back out there?

      And, when its not working out, who'd you drop back? Other than Masch, can you think of anyone who's a right sided player, has the pace needed to keep up with Downing, and is defensive minded?

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      • I know its after the horse has bolted. But I do believe you need proven performers in any given position. We had Lucas on the bench. We could have gone Lucas, Masch and Alonso in the middle, Kuyt up top and played Stevie at Right Back. Its where he started, where he covered in the CL final 2005, and Alan Hansen for one reckons Stevie G would still be the best player on the park at right back, never mind he's better central.

        Its all irrelevant anyway. If Kuyt/El Zhar and co could have finished any one of the situations Stevie created in the 1st half hour, we'd have been home and hosed anyway!

    • I know Dirk Kuyt is on your list but I quite rate him myself so we'll have to agree to disagree......that having been said I saw today a snippet in one of the papers saying that Kuyt told a reporter that Benitez had advised him not to sign a new contract with the Reds until he (Benitez) had got his own contract sorted out. It seems very much to me, if this is the case, that Rafa is doing everything he can to spike us just to show that he is bigger than the Club. Its all very sad. A month to six weeks back I was convinced we'd still finish 2nd.....now I'm not even sure of that

    • We have been telling you for years the fat spanish waiter is crap. So there is some ground work Utd and LFC fans agreeing. LOL