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  • Amran Amran Oct 4, 2009 22:29 Flag

    If we are ever to win the title....

    two thing must change...

    1. We desperately need to clear the debt, and that means getting rid of those investors from the USA
    They have made a huge profit potentially, but in the process starved the club of investment. Our big signings have only come about from champions league money and sales of other players. We need the Saudi money, I have not got the patience left to care about politics, ideally would love to see a 50/50 ownership betwwen fans (like shareliverpool) and the arabs. Ideally DIC, as the owner is a passionate LFC gut, but Saudi cash will do.

    2. Rafa. He is a great manager, no doubt about that, his success in europe (only an idiot would deny that we have done well in Europe) is proof. BUT.... the fact is, he is a great european manager, i.e. he would be great in La Liga, indeed he was. REal Madrid want him, and to be honest he needs them, although I do believe he genuinely loves LFC. The truth is though he is not cut out for the EPL. Someone who is, has got the T shirt is Kenny Dalglish. We need him. He can take us there.
    I genuinely believe we have a great first 11, all we ned is 3-4 more 20million players, and we will be the best in Europe.
    Its time for us to stop kidding ourselves, we have a great club, but its dying before us, and we need to take action now as fans.
    We need to tell the owners it is time to cash in.
    I'm afraid in a sad way, loosing was perhaps the best thing that happened today.

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