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  • sideshow sideshow Oct 22, 2009 19:38 Flag

    Thanks Rafa but you got to go!

    'a club of our stature' WTF does that mean.

    History owes us nothing. You make history, you are not defined by it.

    When benitez bought Bellamy for 6m, he actually wanted Simao, for 12.5m. The board would not sanction the money (in other words we didn't have it). Simao MAY have been the sort of creative player you expect would grace 'a club of our stature'.

    When Benitez brought Crouch, again it is widely understood that he wanted Torres even then, but the board wouldn't sanction the move, and if not he was linked with several other far bigger names that were out of reach. Hence Crouch was signed for 7m.

    This story has been repeated 100 times at Liverpool under Benitez. He has rarely got exactly what he wanted. The times he has specifically have been Agger, Mascherano, Johnson, Torres, and Morientes. An 80% record isn't bad is it? The story of Robbie Keane will one day come out, but I understand that he was not a Rafa signing (make of that what you will for 20.5m).....

    We don't shop in the same store as Chelsea or united. 18m on Anderson, 15m on Nani, 18m on Carrick, 230m on messrs Rooney, Ferdinand, Berbatov. Torres was an outlay of 20.5m, whilst United have spent more than that on 6 or so occasions I believe.

    A club of our stature.......PMSL!