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  • eduardo is unhappy since he hasn't been offered an improved contract by arsenal..... for 10 million could this guy be worth it? as with anything else, where would the 10 million come from in january? obrigado friends!!!

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    • That's some analysis! You forgot about the CL trophy though egghead.

    • jose both you can gooner are missing MY point. Forget the champions league as soo many people keep telling us, dont dwell on past glories.

      Now, in 2005 we finished 5th, 37 points behind 1st. Last season we finished 2nd, 4 points behind the winners, and accruing a points total that would have one 15 of the previous premierleague seasons since its inception.

      Can you honestly tell me that you believe baros, biscan, traore and co could have done so well last season?

    • Its true, we have been more succesful in the same period, 0 league titles between us, 1 convincing title challenge each, 2 champions league finals for us and 1 for you, an fa cup for each of us, a league cup final defeat for both of us. Our league standings have been almost identical with Arsenal with Arsenal accrueing 398 pts and Liverpool 389 with both teams only managing to finish 2nd once whilst Liverpool have finished 3rd twice compared to Arsenals once. To be fair we have also finished 5th once as well but Arsenal havent finished outside of the top 4. In review we are on a pretty even parity and in all honesty we should both be thinking more about closing the gap on the other two then shouting about who the better runner up is.

    • "Now be reasonable mate and admit, the team we have now is better than the teamwe had in 2005, especally the starting 11, in fact the first 13-14"

      sorry daniel, you keep missing gooner's point about the team functioning as a "unit" rather than individual players..... yes, individually, baros doesn't stack up against torres, etc, etc..... however, if you look at the team as a unit, that team delivered the CL but this team has won NOTHING...... obrigado!!!

    • You can twist and turn all you like slayer, the FACT remains....

      ...Rafa has been more successful than Wenger over the same period.

      You can't win this argument boy, John has admitted it, and so should you.

      Judge DOW66.....putting the gooners firmly in their place!

    • well mate ive never neard rafa called mister rotation, thats a new nickname to me. In fact, fergie rotated more than rafa last season and he won the league so rotating players isnt as bad as it seems.

      Ok...as you have pointed out, we finished 5th behind everton in 2005 over 30 points behind the leaders and in all honesty that team that won the champions league did not deserve (abilty wise) to be in the final let alone win it. Last season we finished 2nd, 4 points behind the winners...can you honestly tell me that you could see traore and co getting to 2nd and missing out by 4 points. No way!

      Now be reasonable mate and admit, the team we have now is better than the teamwe had in 2005, especally the starting 11, in fact the first 13-14.

    • No, I'm not comparing individual players but I was looking at them as a ''functional'' team.

      None of the players in the current Arsenal side matches the calibre of Vieira, Henry, Seaman or Bergkamp, but that doesn't mean that the current lot are inferior or incapable of delivering the EPL title. My argument is, one has to look at the team as a functioning unit irrespective of the composition of the team, if you do that then you will see clearly that Rafa has failed in LFC to get a 'swappable' recognisable system in place for his players unlike a Arsene Wenger's team - all the players know their function hence one can see the system working as they should. DANIEL, they don't call Rafa Mister Rotation for nothing.

    • oh yeah...you lot weren't building your stadium at the time wenger took over so that has no bearing on this discussion. We are talking the first 5 years, not the last 5 years.

      Yes wenger has been more successful than both rafa and fergie over the first 5 years, but as i said before, wenger already had an established squad with probably the best back 4 in the country, both fergie and rafa had to rebuild their squads.

    • you know what mate ive repeated myself too many times on this board about this same subject...obviously he will have spent more than fergie. rafa was building a whole new squad from scratch, fergie only had to add the odd player here and there.

      Are you being serious that the current squad is not an improvement on the one from 2005? i dont think you are if your honest. How can you say that when we had our biggest ever points tally last season? so traore is better than aurelio or insua, hell even dossena is better than him? biscan is better than lucas or mascherano? cisse or baros are better than torres? i dont think so mate.

    • ''usually'' decided by luck of the draw but not necessarily in Liverpool's case. DANIEL, see the emphasis on 'usually' above.

      "nothing compared to the shambles that was left by gerard houllier "???

      I don't buy into this line of argument. Do not forget that it's largely these Houlier's team who won Rafa his first CL trophy in 2005, in my view Rafa has failed to improve or rebuild that Houllier's team to-date despite the fact that money was made available to him, and if the figures being bandied about are anything to go by, Rafa spent more money in the last 5 years even more than Fergie did.

      Wenger was obviously constrained financailly by the building a new stadium, therefore it is very difficult to assess his performance fairly over the same period.

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