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  • Mutley. Mutley. Jan 3, 2010 03:38 Flag

    Rafa does it again

    I have supported LFC for forty years and have never seen a bigger load of shite than that tonight. I am really starting to think that fatboy is mad and I really mean delusional. I think he sees a different match and different players than everyone else. Can anyone tell me how that twat Insua stayed on the pitch come to think about how the fuck is he in the country. Fatboy has to go and the sooner the better.

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    • Daniel, I agree Insua was awful today and at one point I startign thinking why don't we throw on Dossena! But to be fair while the lad is still learning his trade defensivily, he's been a bright spark for us this season (in a season so far where there has not been many). His attacking play down the left was there to be seen in both the Wolves match, and in others, so I'd not be too hard on the lad for one poor game.

      However, I would have like to see him replaced earlier with Yossi, and then had Aurellio drop back.

      But the real weak link for me, in what was an incept outing was Gerrard. I felt he was the difference when he droped back to the center against Villa, but did not provide the control, linkage and overall domination you'd expect back in his favour position. Yes he took his goal well, but some of his passing was awful, and in terms of bossing the center I felt he just did not do it, and that is why we did not control a game we should have controled easily.

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      • Your right about Insua of Aurellio droped back and yossi on but why cant the fatboy see it. As for Gerrard I really think he,s starting to get pissed off, I know I am. A few times during the game as he about to pass I got the impression he was thinking who the fuck do I give the ball to. Fatboy has been relying on the same core of class players so when he gets rid of one of them in Alonso the rest are weakened. If fatboy doesn't go at the end of the season I will expect Gerrard to hand in a transfer request if only to bring it to a head, Its him or me.

    • agree to,just cause we won villa and wolves fat lad has got to go.
      the team tonight was a joke and the performance was a bigger joke,
      i bet a conference team would give us a game

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      • I will say right up front I didn't get to see the game over here in Oz - Setanta do the FA cup over here :-((
        However, looking at the posted team sheet I thought it didn't look too bad.
        Admittedly it would have been nice to see Aqua instead of Aurelio and anyone else instead of Kuyt but otherwise it looked promising on paper.
        Torres AND Nogo starting? What a defensive choice that was.
        Did they both play up front? Surely Nogo wasn't playing midfield or "Gerrard's support role" in actual play?
        Gerrard actually picked to play midfield. That HAS to be good, right? The best attacking midfielder in Europe finally playing in midfield. Although judging by the team sheet here on Yahoo he was played in a defensive/holding position just in front of the back 4 and behind the midfield 3, right? Next to that other defensive midfielder, Lucas.
        No mucking about with Degen or switching Carra to right back. Give one of the "kids" a go and see what he has. Surely that must have been applauded as a daring move?
        I can almost allow for Aurelio's selection on the left, too. Insua usually seems to look so much more confident when Aurelio is playing in front of him, knowing he has cover when he goes forward to play those crosses like the one Stevie nodded home against Villa. Of course, Aqua is (we presume, but don't know for sure yet having not seen too much of him) a much better creative midfielder and again it begs the question of why we spent so much on someone who only gets to come on as sub most of his appearances.
        But on paper it certainly seemed a COURAGEOUS (to quote yes, prime minister) team selection.
        Of course, it doesn't really matter what Rafa does in some people's eyes unless it happens to involve him leaving Anfield.
        And Lucas was picked again, wasn't he?
        So, realistically and trying to ignore the result for a moment, was it REALLY that bad a team selection?
        Rafa didn't just pick a reserve team. He seemed to make a couple of valid changes
        - Agger has been cr@p, so out
        - young blood at right back instead of Carra
        - two genuine strikers on the pitch
        - captain fantastic where he belongs in midfield
        So, did Reading play out of their skins?
        Or did some of our boys, some who are more experienced, have big price tags and even bigger egos and perhaps should know better, play well below standard as they have so often this season?

    • Did you like the positive substitution? Aquilani on for N'Gog - to defend a 1:1!?

    • Daniel m...agree with u 100%...get him down the road ...immediately if not before !!!